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UC Irvine Students Protest Against Reality

Posted on March 4 2010 6:52 am
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It’s protest season in the University of California system! Yes, folks, it’s that time of year when spring’s first green shoots begin to sprout, the birds fly back north, and moonbats imagine persecution and celebrate terrorism en masse on California campuses.

On Tuesday, students gathered at a “speak-out” rally in front of the administration building at UC Irvine in support of the “Irvine 11,” the group of thugs, organized by the Hamas-linked Muslim Students Union, who disrupted Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s speech on February 9th. Students, organized by the Black Student Union, the Muslim Students Union, and Students Fighting Against Tuition Hikes and Worker Layoffs, sported keffiyehs, carried Hamas flags, and shouted nonsense about how Israel’s being the only free country in the Middle East is racist or something, the term “racist” being, of course, a substitute for logic.

Did I mention that it’s Israel Apartheid Week? It must have gotten somewhat upstaged at UCI by all the other incoherent protests taking place and just opted to meld with them.  Then again, Israel Apartheid Week is the only “week” which is 14 days long (for consistency with moonbat logic), so maybe it’s just getting started.

The protest was ostensibly held – seriously – to oppose the administration’s statement that the February 9th arrests were unrelated to the racist incidents at other UC campuses which took place later and really were unrelated. 

The “speak out,” sponsored by the Black Student Union but organized by a “coalition” of different student groups, protested a recent statement issued by University of California President Mark Yudof that condemned the Michael Oren protest alongside the recent racist incidents at UCSD and UC Davis including the “Compton Cookout.”

Student organizers objected to the statement, signed by the chancellors of every UC campus, claiming that the “Irvine 11” protest is unrelated to the acts of racism at Davis and San Diego and involves completely different issues.

“They are trying to draw a connection between the ‘Irvine 11’ and racism,” said Marya Bangee, a UCI alumni and member of Stand with the 11, an advocacy group for the arrested protesters, “(The Irvine 11 issue) is about free speech and student activism.”

The first speaker apparently didn’t get the memo, because he (I think) tried to make the administration’s case for them. Whatever, so long as it’s anti-Israel. His only remotely sensical statement was his admission that he provided material support to terrorists. How is he not in prison?

Tuesday’s protest was so well-organized that Jim Lafferty from the terrorist defense organization the National Lawyer’s Guild came to speak out against free speech under the guise of free speech, claiming that the Irvine 11’s free speech rights were violated because they were unable to end the speech entirely. Then he spouted tired old anti-Semitic clichés about how Jews control the media, yada yada. When you have to portray anti-Semitic support for genocidal terrorists as anti-racism, you call the masters at the NLG, who – surprise – happen to be defending the Irvine 11.

A coalition of Jewish groups protested peacefully across the street:

Students then held a die-in on Wednesday, at which they protested incidents which took place at other UC campuses.  They also whined about how taxpayers should pay all of their tuition, about how separate restrooms for men and women are sexist and “heteronormative” (who knew their intended purpose was for having strictly heterosexual sex?), and, of course, how Israel still exists.

What do Israel, restrooms, racist incidents at other UC campuses, and communist education have to do with one another? Nothing, aside from the fact that anti-Semitism, communism, and apparently restrooms can all be protested against under the banner of “anti-racism,” although feigning death does seem a bit over-the-top when decrying the horrors of heteronormative restrooms.

The racist incidents at the other campuses were obviously a very weak pretext to protest capitalism, Israel, and apartheid restrooms. The Irvine 11 are no more victims than students who have to pay tuition because the world, unfortunately, does not owe them everything they want in life. They chose to behave like barbarians and try to force their intolerant views on everyone because they are fascists and that is what fascists do. They are indefensible, and that has nothing to do with race. Or restrooms.

While these kids whine about how Israel has a wall to keep out the same genocidal terrorists that Jordan and Egypt have walls (American-bought, in Egypt’s case) to keep them out for the very same reason, they ignore the actual apartheid taking place in the Palestinian territories, be it the ongoing exile of the native Christian population or the increasingly severe gender apartheid in Gaza–because it was never about apartheid, or race, or the Palestinians who are presumably better off under Hamas’ rule, or anything except anti-Semitism, the only thing the Black Student Union and the pro-Darfur genocide Muslim Brotherhood front group MSU have in common.

“We were louder than the Zionist voice,” said Ryan Davis, a UCI student and one of the leaders of the pro-Palestinian crowd, which outnumbered the pro-Israeli students.

What is the point of being loud if you don’t make any sense, you don’t have facts on your side, and you are unsure what you are protesting?

I wonder what their dear friends and terror ties in Hamas would think of unisex restrooms.

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