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LAST CALL: Burning Bunning, Undead Feminism and Gosselin Fatigue Syndrome

Posted on March 2 2010 12:20 am
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Hey Ladies – You’re being oppressed! Didn’t you notice?

Thank you Suzanne Venker for being a voice of reason in an era of perverted feminism. In her post today, Suzanne writes, “March is Women’s History Month, when all good feminists salivate for 30 days trying to convince Americans that women are oppressed.” Though I would argue one point of Suzanne’s post. Feminism isn’t dead – it’s undead – a destructive, resurrected version of a once-worthy, constructive social movement, now vacant of conscience.

Pelosi Drains the Swamp, Fills it with Bulls*&t

He didn’t “jeopardize our country in any way.” That was Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif) excuse for failing to remove Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) from the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, despite his recent verbal spanking from the House ethics committee. Apparently, Pelosi doesn’t always take her marching orders from the liberal media. Even the New York Times thinks he should be removed! Check out Jack Cafferty’s take on the latest Democratic soap opera in Congress.

Those Crazy Kids and Their Wacky Winter Sports

FiveThirtyEight offers an interesting analysis on the shifting balance of power in the Winter Olympics, due in large part to the addition of many “new-fangled sports.”  Crazy kids.

Right Up There with Rachel Maddow on My List of TV Demons

Why can’t TV networks just say “NO” to Kate Gosselin and her pathetic, never-ending pursuit of fame and fortune? From her debut as an overbearing bitch and manipulative wife and mother — to Dancing with the Stars, according to Pop Crunch. Ughhhh. THIS is why my TV viewing is largely limited to: 1) the news and 2) reruns of Law & Order, ad nauseum, ad infinitum…

Put Down the Pitch Fork and Step Away

While many in Washington, and on TV, are furiously stabbing their Bunning voodoo dolls to shreds, one blogger offers an alternative (aka – fiscally responsible) perspective on Sen. Jim Bunning’s (R-KY) move to block an expansion of unemployment benefits. A must-read. Check it out at

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