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Fontova: Castro Regime Murders Black Human Rights Activist

Posted on March 2 2010 1:48 pm
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By Humberto Fontova

Tamayo’s “disobedience” (against a regime hailed by “free spirits” from Johnny Depp to Bonnie Raitt) continued in proportion to his beatings and tortures. Tamayo remained –literally– “bloodied but unbowed.” Even Amnesty International recognized his plight and designated him an official “Prisoner of Conscience. His exasperating defiance simply prompted the regime hailed by Jesse Jackson, Charles Rangel and Danny Glover to more merciless beatings and to bump-up his sentence to 36 years in Castro’s dungeons.

A little perspective: After conviction for planting bombs in public places (by a judiciary process declared scrupulously fair by the attending international press and human rights organizations) Nelson Mandela got a lighter sentence than did Tamayo for a peaceful protest. Needless to add, the regime that jailed Mandela [a murderous terrorist who advocated multiple genocides and ran around with cannibals: ed] was universally embargoed and condemned– and with particular virulence by the precise parties who hail Castro (who forbids any and all international human rights groups/observers/etc. from so much as setting foot in his fiefdom).

Read the whole thing at Townhall.

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