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Obama a Socialist? *Sigh* This Tired Argument Again…

Posted on March 1 2010 8:34 pm
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Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams are on the O’Reilly Factor right now. They were just discussing whether Barack Obama is a socialist or not.

I blogged about this for NRB back in August.

Obama is not a socialist. He’s a leftist. Here’s the metaphor and see if you follow: Socialist is to Baptist as Leftist is to Christian. (Sorry, Pastor Paul Cooper, not poking at you guys here!) “Socialism” is a subset of the Left the same as “Marxist,” “Communist,” “Progressive,” etc. are. Obama is basically a non-denominational, postmodern leftist.

It’s semantics and ultimately a point that’s not really worth arguing about too much. There are far more important issues we should be focusing on. Of course this is the O’Reilly Factor — home of Marc Lamont Hill, body language experts, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition coverage — so it’s not like my expectations are all that high.

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