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Feminist Hawk’s Comment of the Day: Ayn Rand in the Nest

Posted on February 28 2010 6:42 pm
Feminist Hawk is a superheroine. She is also an Associate Editor of NewsReal Blog, in charge of running The Feminist Hawks' Nest.
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I appreciated this comment on my first post today. It seemed to understand what The Feminist Hawks’ Nest is all about and also remind us of another inspiring Feminist Hawk figure.

Here’s someone who gets it 100%:

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joeblough 85p · 41 minutes ago

wealthy, comfortable pseudo-feminists … These women are not feminists. They are not fighting for oppressed women. They’re not advocating for equal rights so that women can pursue their self-destiny … these issues pale in comparison to the Islamic gender apartheid that victimizes hundreds of millions of women …

What a refreshingly different outlook, tone and voice.

Imagine! Defending the human rights of women because they are human — and humans have rights! What a novel idea. Or perhaps not novel. Perhaps just a rarity today, but a century or more old in truth.

I am reminded of a curious exchange I had with a waitress a couple of decades ago, which was so striking that … well, I still remember it. I was reading one of Ayn Rands novels over lunch, which the waitress noticed. She asked what sort of book it was, undoubtedly having heard of the authoress, and so, in my enthusiam I expatiated for 10 or 15 minutes about Rand’s love and depiction of the individual soul, of rights, reason, humanty, of the individual life, of the ultimate value of every single human life. And when I was done, the young woman, obviously university schooled and literate asked me, “But where soes she stand on womens’ issues ?“. I will never get that moment out of my mind, unless the erosions of age are more efficient and merciful than I expect.

The method of the left, the statists, the progressives and fascists and communists is seduction, co-option and compromise. As I see it, one of the most fertile fields of propagandizing for those people has been among women … to parasitize the enormous energy liberated by the mechanization of domestic work and the growing recognition of the female personality.

Is there among us the gumption enough to forge a new, or perhaps renewed feminism? One based in the value of the human soul and the feminine near-monopoly on certain aspects of human experience? A feminism rooted in the, dare I say it, rights of man? The word “man” used in the proper and traditional sense of the word, meaning humanity, and avoiding naming women explicitly with the same sense of courtesy with which the Jews do not name their god and the Japanese rarely use the word “I”.

Ocasionally I have a brief glimmer of hope. And the brief coment to which I respond here inspired one.

Good luck and good hunting. If you are what I hope, my hopes ride with you.

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