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Pelosi Said WHAT During Health Care Summit?

Posted on February 27 2010 9:48 am
I write as just one of millions of Americans who are considered as mere sheep who need to be herded by their sheep dogs. I’m one of those who believe in free-market capitalism, private property rights, the 1st amendment, the 2nd amendment and those thereafter too. I'm a constitutionalists who would be closer to the platform of Ron Paul, than to that of most republicans. Our founding fathers were so much more wiser than any we currently have sitting in places of highness, because for one, they were educated at a time when questioning was expected, and two, they revered the Holy Scriptures of Almighty God, and three, they were felt a sense of humility for the position and power they were entrusted to. The vision our current crop of politicians have is very different than the original vision which enabled America to become the greatest nation on the face of this earth. Rather than providing the people with the tools to achieve their own goals and ambitions, these new liberals are providing themselves with the power to limit individual goal achievement based on the notion that a bigger government is the answer to the problems of the little people. I'm just an average guy down the block
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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

During Thursday’s health summit, the one where Obama spoke for 2 of the 6 hours, Nancy Pelosi made this comment about the Health Care bill:

“It’s about jobs. In it’s life, it [the health bill] will create 4 million jobs — 400,000 jobs almost immediately.”

Now, we must keep in mind that she is third in line to be president if anything happened to Obama/Biden.

She has no clue as to what she’s talking about. She’s never read the 2000 page bill. She wouldn’t understand it either, as a lawyer is needed to interpret the bureaucratic legal speak.

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