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Hey Maher! How D’ya Like These Dumb Animals? Luntz Focus Group Shows Voters Engaged, Informed, Upset

Posted on February 27 2010 8:00 am
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So long, death panels.  Meet the new Healthcare-embattled American populace — captive to political theatre for the better part of a year and increasingly fluent on the issues at stake.

Frank Luntz, pollster and author of “What the American People Really Want…Really,” appeared on Fox News’ Hannity with a focus group of reportedly half Democrat, half Republican voters to gauge opinions on the recent bipartisan health care summit. Most of them thought very little of the outcomes of the event, and littler still of the health care legislation itself.

Far from being brutish troglodytes as characterized by several commentators (and misanthropic zealots), these voters are notably informed and opinionated.  They have been following the debate and are frustrated by recalcitrant governing.  And — gasp! — they still disagree with Bill Maher!  

Here are some of the ways these dumb-dummies described the health care meeting:

“Dismissal of pragmatism.”



No one in the focus group thought Washington was listening:

“They’re selling out health care for votes…they really don’t care about how their legislation is going to affect the people.”

“The control has to be in the hands of the patient for us to more forward as a nation.”

“They can’t have bipartisanship when they’re building on 2,200 pages, 2,400 pages, 2,700 pages of a bill that Republicans weren’t involved in crafting.”

“[Reconciliation] would be unprecedented.  This is not a budget– simply a budget bill.  This is a nation transforming, economic transforming bill that will affect every single American for generations to come.”

Why, these poor simpletons!  They have no business engaging in the political process!

You see, Bill Maher, the American people do have an animalistic sense for something, and that is fascistic governing.  “They can smell it on ya,” as you so tritely put it.  They recognize the point at which government stops representing their desires and overreaches into a paternalistic power-grab.  They know when the all-knowing, all-powerful state, benumbed by ideology, has so derailed onto a machiavellian crusade that it can no longer discern the error of its course, however well-intentioned it began.  I hope all the self-appointed shepherds of the ignorati masses are listening. Disgruntled voters are not imbeciles and as Frank Luntz might put it:  You really don’t know better than the American people…really.

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