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A New Theory About Climate Data in the USA

Posted on February 27 2010 12:00 pm
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Many of the cable pundits seem to be assuming that we’ve got the climate change alarmists on the ropes, but we haven’t. They’re not quitting, and we still have more evidence to gather before we can make the final push. Some of that evidence has just been disclosed by Bob Ferguson over at SPPI (Science and Public Policy Institute)

In a new report that you can download right here, Dr Edward Long presents his findings which indicate that the “urban heat island effect” appears to  have had a far bigger influence on the raw data used to record the temperature record of the 48 contiguous states than anyone thought previously.

For those who aren’t familiar with this, recorded temperatures in urban settings are always higher than those recorded in rural areas in the same general vicinity. It’s due to all of the concrete and black top that we build our cities with. These materials absorb far more heat during the day than rural and natural areas do, making the urban areas warmer, and then radiate the heat back at night, skewing the actual temperature averages considerably. As has been pointed out before, many of the recording devices are actually placed in paved parking lots, or near hot air vents outside both residential and commercial buildings. Many were originally placed in rural areas only to have cities build up around them over the years.

It’s quite an interesting study, and I strongly suggest that those interested in the science of the issue check it out. Now if everyone would just wake up to the fact that Warming is Good we’d really be able to make some progress!

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