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Why The Dems’ HC Strategery Will Fail

Posted on February 25 2010 6:16 pm
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I’ve heard a lot of confusion about what the Democrats are trying to do on healthcare and the chances of it passing; so I wanted to do a brief, easy-to-understand-as-possible post to explain where we’re at in the process.

The Democrats have passed a bill through the House and through the Senate, but they’re different bills and to reconcile them would require another vote in the House and Senate. Scott Brown’s victory makes it impossible for the Democrats to get 60 votes; so this route is not open to them.

So, the strategy that’s left open to them is to use a two part strategy: The House Democrats vote for the Senate bill that has already passed “as is” and then the Senate “fixes” that bill with a budgetary procedure called “reconciliation” that requires only 51 votes to get through the Senate.

Despite what you’ll hear from Democrats, the reconciliation process is not designed to handle a health care bill of this sort. So, even if the Senate parliamentarian were to allow the bill to go through the process, everything that doesn’t directly impact the budget would be cut out of the bill. Moreover, although the Republicans can’t filibuster the reconciliation process per se, they can use parliamentary tactics to keep adding amendments in committee, which would mean the process would likely take weeks or even months to complete. At that point, a bill could be sent to the House to be passed.

Read the rest at Right Wing News.

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