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Teach Your Children Well…or Someone Else Will

Posted on February 25 2010 6:00 am
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School’s not just for reading, writing and ‘rithmetic anymore, and neither is your university, so you’d better teach your children well before packing them off to campus.

In a new study, just released at a news conference at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), some disturbing new results were found regarding our nation’s college professors. Although it is not news to many of us that college campuses and faculty lean to the Left, the attitudes they have exposed here are sad and discouraging.

From the CNSNews story:

College professors are more likely than the average person to believe that the Ten Commandments are irrelevant today — and to think that America is a corrupting influence on good people, according to a new study released Monday.

That’s not surprising, Brake said, given that today’s professoriate was trained from the 60’s and 70’s onward to be skeptical, adhering to the mantra of “Question Authority.”

These are the people that are now our professors–the ones that said ‘Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ has got to go,” Brake told

As a result of this kind of thinking, students are failing miserably in basic knowledge of civics, American history, government and market economics, according to ISI testing. However, they seem to be well versed in social justice, anti-American thinking and civil rights issues:

…those who possess college degrees are more likely than those who don’t to favor same-sex marriage and abortion on demand, and less likely to agree that “anyone can succeed in America with hard work and perseverance” or that teachers should be allowed to lead prayers in public schools.”

We are allowing them to indoctrinate an entire generation of little community organizers, but there are a lot of us who did not send our kids to college for that. Some of us would even like to see them graduate with some pride left in their country and some knowledge of what it was founded upon.

You would be hard pressed to find a school for your student that is not going to teach with a big dose of radical left, progressive ideology, so you had better teach your children well while they are still home. They need to be aware of what to expect on campus (perhaps a viewing of “Indoctrinate U” would be a good idea,) and they need to be encouraged to think for themselves and stand up for their values, despite what a college professor may try to jam down their throats.

I don’t want my kids to be our little puppets, but what I do want is for them to receive a balanced and fair outlook on life so they can form their own thoughts and opinions without indoctrination. It would be kind of nice if someone, just once in awhile, might share something our country has done right, too.

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