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Ron Paul: I’d Love to Fund the Holocaust Museum, But That Would Make Me As Bad As Hitler!

Posted on February 25 2010 12:39 pm
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Let’s get this over once and for all. Is Ron Paul anti-Semitic?

We know from the Congressman’s own writings that he believes the United States is controlled by a small, group of power-brokers intent on diminishing citizen civil rights and militarily manipulating the destinies of nations. We also know that Ron Paul believes one of the essential, defining characteristics of these imperialists is:

“They unconditionally support Israel and have a close alliance with the Likud Party.”

Speaking of the foreign policy crafted by this group Paul states:

“Our policy toward Iran for the past 50 years is every bit as disconcerting. It makes no sense unless one concedes that our government is manipulated by those who seek physical control over the vast oil riches of the Middle East,egged on by Israel’s desires.”

Paul’s image of Jewish agents conspiring for their own profit, while feigning allegiance to an infiltrated nation, is the essence of every chimera of victimization at the hands of Israeli cunning, directing US brute force. The historic consequence of this vision was the slaughter of six million innocent European Jews. It would certainly be in the interest of those who continue to espouse the “Jewish World-Domination Conspiracy,” to prevent people from remembering what happened the last time humanity was ruled by adepts of the theory espoused by Ron Paul.

On September 7, 2000, Congressman Ron Paul was the unique member of Congress to vote against funding the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Before casting the unique “nay,” out of 435 votes, Paul justified his “hesitant” refusal on his respect for our Founders’ dream of a nation, unique in human history, that would not erect national, commemorative monuments.

The only true Constitutionalist in the chamber said:

“We as vigilant Americans must never forget the horrific lessons of the past and those attendant consequences of corporatism, fascism, and tyrannical government; that is, governmental deprivation of individual rights. A government which operates beyond its proper limits of preserving liberty never bodes well for individual rights to life, liberty and property. Particularly, Adolph Hitler’s tyrannical regime is most indicative of the necessary consequences of a government dominated by so-called `government-business’ partnerships, gun-confiscation schemes, protectionism, and abandonment of speech and religious freedom in the name of `compelling government interests.'”

Who is fooled by Paul’s insipid omission from the list of Hitler’s evils, of the intentional Genocide of the Jewish race? Or would it be too shocking to conjure the charred, skeletal images of fellow human beings while arguing that they be consigned to oblivion in the name of an imaginary injunction against federally-funded museums? Is funding the only thing that Paul is denying?

Paul continued:

“Ironically, this measure’s language permanently authorizes the appropriation of such sums as may be necessary for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; a purpose which propels our very own federal government beyond its constitutionally enumerated limits. This nation’s founders were careful to limit the scope of our federal government to those enumerated powers within Article One, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. These limits were further instilled within the bill of rights’ tenth amendment which reserves to States and private parties those powers not specifically given to the federal government.”

“Evidence that such private contributions can properly memorialize this most important historical abhorration can be found given that this museum receives approximately $20 million in private donations annually.”

No doubt, he spent considerable time verifying that $20 million dollars is enough to pay for the Museum maintenance, staff, new exhibits, the national educational programs produced by the Museum, and the scholarship sponsored by the Museum. Why else would he callously insinuate that the money requested by the Museum is superfluous?

“Mr. Chairman, while I agree it is most important to remember and memorialize with a heavy heart the consequences of tyrannical governments operating beyond their proper limits, ignoring our own government’s limits of power and, thus, choosing a means incompatible with its ends to do so must not be tolerated. Hence, I must oppose H.R. 4115.”

Spending $3.36 a year per Victim on a Museum that seeks to prevent the future slaughter of Jewish people, or any ethnicity targeted for racial genocide, would make American people the equivalent of Adolph Hitler? And Ron Paul is not an anti-Semite?

I challenge any Ron Paul supporter to explain how describing the systematic, intentional extermination of six million people as:

“the consequences of tyrannical governments operating beyond their proper limits,”

is not anti-Semitism, by any meaningful definition.

This trivialization of the Jewish Holocaust is typical and rampant among only the most rank of anti-Semites. The Pauls, both Ron and his son Rand, might claim to be able to get our domestic economic trains running on time, but isn’t it worth knowing what they really think about those Cattle-Cars?

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