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New “HuffPost Religion” Launched For The “Sane” America

Posted on February 25 2010 3:00 pm
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One of my fondest childhood memories of my father, was that he was dashingly handsome. He was a classic man of his day; a cigarette in one hand, a martini in the other, and a smile that would have earned him a place in the “Rat-Pack”.

I remember distinctly, sitting in the chair in his salon, talking to a friend that had stopped by to chat. We talked about all the things that interested us he stood quietly behind me rolling my hair up in colored perm curlers.

When she left, he looked up from his work and spoke directly into the mirror in front of us, and stated:

“Rhonda, there are things one does not discuss in public…you two managed to cover every one of the them.”

He was appalled that we would openly discuss issues, let alone politics in such a public place. To him, his salon was a place for light, polite conversation and friendly gossip. Not only did our discussion violate his sense of propriety; it did not jive with the atmosphere.

Interesting how times have changed, isn’t it? The internet allows us to speak privately from our own computer, and be heard publicly. My dad’s lecture came to mind today when The Huffington Post announced that they are adding a “HuffPost Religion” section for the “Religious (and sane) America.”

The new Religion Editor, Paul Brandeis Raushenbush has started off his section with an open letter, where he makes it clear that, here, (HuffPo) will be a place free of the right-wing insanity and self-righteousness.

“Dear Religious (and sane) America,

Come out, come out where ever you are and welcome to HuffPost Religion…”

For too long strident voices on the religious right have become synonymous with the influence of religion in the public sphere, and they have been countered by equally strident voices on the atheist side who denigrate religious people and their traditions. HuffPost Religion hopes to offer a sane middle way for people who wish to approach religion with both heart and mind, and who believe we can have disagreements without demonization.”

“HuffPost Religion will provide a more accurate representation of the wide range of concerns held by religious people, and dispel the myth that religious people have only one stance on the controversial issues of the day such as health care, immigration, abortion and gay rights.”

One of the greatest hypocrisies perpetrated by the Left, is their “new speak” of religious tolerance. Their intolerance of the right is seeping through each line. Their claim of a more accurate presentation of people of religion, is as unlikely as them touting the “Rat-Pack” as the sexist men of all time.

My dad’s irritation was apparent and earned me a verbal slap. Raushenbush has picked a stranger place than a beauty salon to hold his public conversation; I wonder how many cheeks he’ll be able to turn?


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