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CPAC’s Grover Norquist Joins Obama Push For Illegal Alien Amnesty

Posted on February 25 2010 2:46 pm
John L. Work is a veteran of twenty years of Colorado law enforcement service and a graduate of Cal State Long Beach, B.A. and M.A. He has been a contributor and featured columnist for NewsRealBlog since January of 2010, and a guest columnist for FrontPageMagazine.
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Here’s a first-hand story of the effects of illegal immigration.  Both my parents died of cancer.  Toward the end of my mother’s life, my brothers and I took her to hospitals more times than we care to remember, for life-prolonging procedures – until there was nothing more that could be done.  During her final month I took her to the local Hospital Emergency Room one night.  We arrived at about 10:30 p.m. and found the waiting room literally filled with non-English-speaking Latinos.

None of the people ahead of us appeared to have an emergency or to be in great distress. I put my mother, whose condition was by then so weak that she could sit comfortably for only brief periods of time, into a chair and we waited for our turn.  After about one hour, a nurse brought a wheel chair and took my mother in for treatment.  She died a few weeks later at home.  That was a very long hour and I still  recall that evening with anger.

Grover Norquist (pictured above), a self-described conservative and a member of the CPAC Board, has joined a special project to facilitate an Obama Amnesty for 12 to 50 million illegal aliens.  The CNS story by Penny Star is here:

 ( – The American Principles Project (APP) has launched an initiative designed to bring Latinos into the conservative movement by “supporting policies that are welcoming to immigrants,” but critics said one of the policies – the pathway to citizenship plan – is identical to the open border stance of President Barack Obama and other liberals.
These policies include a five-point plan for comprehensive immigration reform that would offer a pathway to citizenship for people in the country illegally, strengthening border security and creating a guest worker program.
The Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles initiative, which was unveiled at a press conference on Tuesday at the National Press Club, also calls for eliminating workplace raids and establishing a “path for undocumented immigrants to earn legal status” by paying a fine and learning English.
“That’s exactly, word for word, what the Democrats say,” Mark Krikorian, executive director of the conservative Center for Immigration Studies, told “This is the Republican Auxiliary of the left’s open border movement.”…

 My daughter regularly volunteers to help out in my grandson’s third grade classroom.  He’s a middle-class English-speaking third-grader and attends a Title I Colorado public elementary school:  Over 50% of the students in that school qualify for reduced-price or free lunches.  Of my grandson’s twenty-one classmates, ten are bi-lingual and most of them are Spanish-first language pupils who struggle with reading and writing assignments.  The classroom is regularly disrupted by the comings and goings of these English-as-second-language students as they are pulled out for special instruction.  The lunch menus are printed in both Spanish and English, as are all homework assignment instructions and send-home announcements.

 So, Grover Norquist, you want more illegal aliens flooding my local hospital emergency room and over-loading my grandson’s teachers with kids who do not speak or read English.  Do you really believe that when you make citizens of these Latin American folks who are not even supposed to be here, they will vote for Republicans?  Or are you just interested in the cheap labor they provide for the increased profits of American businesses that don’t want to pay a living wage?  Either way, shame on you for what you are doing to this nation.

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