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As Health Care Summit Looms, Let Us Remember Why No Bill Has Passed

A six hour Health Care summit looms Thursday morning with President Obama meeting with select members of Congress from both sides of the aisle.

After more than six months of political wrangling, and with each House having passed a version of Health Care Reform it is important to consider why it is that no Bill has been sent to the President’s desk. You would think that the Republicans have been obstructionists who have acted cohesively as the minority Party and slammed the brakes on Health Care Reform just to stop Obama and the far Left agenda.

But not one Republican vote was necessary to get Health Care passed before two weeks ago. The reason no Health Care Reform has passed to this point boils down to two points: the far Left of the Democrat Party and it’s more moderate members could not agree, and the American people have consistently rejected the massive Health Care overhaul.

So as both sides attempt to score political points today, remember the only reason that the President and the Democrat Party are even meeting with the GOP is that they were unable to pass legislation that required not one single vote from the opposition Party.

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