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Michael, Don’t Let Your Disgust at the Media Make You Forget That Journalistic Standards Are Still Occasionally Enforced

Posted on February 24 2010 8:25 am
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My Dutch doppelganger and loyal friend Michael van der Galien seemed to enjoy my post from Monday night hammering The Vile Liar Max Blumenthal — he called it “tremendous” — but he did still take issue with me:

And it’s here where I have to disagree with you David. You see, I get the impression that you actually think that Blumenthal’s fellow journalists find these tactics as despicable as we do. You imply that they have a problem with it, but that they choose to ignore it because he’s a progressive. In other words, because he’s one of them.

If these are indeed your thoughts on the subject, I’m afraid you’re wrong. What Blumenthal did is par for the course for the mainstream media. It’s their modus operandi to isolate, insult, denigrate, ridicule and destroy their opponents. They learned to do so from their great teacher, the Machiavellian community organizer,Saul Alinsky. This means that they not only have no problem whatsoever with Blumenthal’s actions, but actually applaud him for it. Heck, they may even look up to him because he had the audacity to do what many of them dreamed of doing ever since AcornGate first broke.

Breitbart singled out Blumenthal for a counterattack, which was the right (and justified) course to pursue after Blumenthal published his hit piece on his blog. But let’s not pretend that Blumenthal is anything more than a minor cog in the despicable machine called the maintream media.

I don’t think Michael and I have an actual disagreement here — at least not one of any substance. We don’t really disagree about the nature of the Left or that most journalists are politically

My point was this: journalists do tend to get really mad when their own are caught making up stories. There are journalistic standards and they are usually enforced. Jayson Blair of The New York Times and Stephen Glass of The New Republic are both journalistic pariahs. The difference between them and The Liar Blumenthal is that the lies of Blair and Glass had no purpose other than to inflate their authors’ reputation. The Fabulist Blumenthal’s lies and journalistic malpractice serve a noble practice: the annihilation of those who stand in the way of the Left’s implementation of social justice.

It’s kind of like why leftists like Stephen Soderbergh can look the other way regarding Che Guevara’s atrocities. They may not like his methods but they agree with his mission. Thus they’ll excuse acts of violence — or in The Snake Blumenthal’s case, intellectual violence — that they would not in other cases.

Further, I tend to think that The Fraud Blumenthal’s antics are well beyond the scope of most journalists. Your average reporter is not possessed of the Radical Spirit as he is. Many reporters might be biased to the Left and might jump on board with pushing some story to slime Sarah Palin, but they do not go to the lengths of the Abomination Blumenthal. They do not invest so much time and energy into spinning elaborate webs of lies as he does. So in summary: the mainstream media is bad, but Professional Character Assassin Blumenthal is far, far worse.

Do we still have a disagreement, Michael?

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