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Donny Deutsch to Hispanics: Get Back on the Liberal Plantation

Posted on February 24 2010 12:42 am
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When caught on tape uttering a deliberate anti-Hispanic ethnic slur for blatantly political purposes, Donny Deutsch lied and feigned ignorance.

Donny Deutsch is a political bigot, a left-wing hit man, a smear artist, and a liar. And he should be called to account for his intellectual bullying. Deutsch also should be banned from television until such time as he apologies — to Marco Rubio and indeed, all Hispanic Americans.

No, this isn’t an overreaction by the PC police. This is a legitimate complaint about an ethnic slur deliberately uttered by Deutsch, with the intent of stigmatizing Rubio because Rubio is a Republican and a political conservative. This is about one smart but highly partisan political pundit, Donny Deutsch, trying to send an unmistakable and chilling message to Hispanic immigrants and Hispanic Americans, and that message is this:

You belong on the liberal plantation. You must think and vote like a liberal or “progressive” Democrat. Don’t even think about working with the Republicans; and heaven forbid you should ever consort with self-avowed conservatives. Because if you do, you will be stigmatized and outcast as a traitor to your people and a betrayer of your ancestors. You might even become known as a self-hating Hispanic who has sold out to the white man and the Anglos.

Sure, Deutsch didn’t say exactly that; but then, he didn’t have to: It was all understood in his clear and unmistakable reference to Rubio as a “coconut” — that is, someone who appears to be “brown” or Hispanic on the outside, but is really “white” or Anglo on the inside. Newsbusters’ Scott Whitlock broke the story yesterday; and it has since been commented upon by both Hot Air and Michelle Malkin.

Deutsch uttered his slur Monday evening while appearing on CNN’s Joy Behar Show. He was ranting against the Republican Party and Tea Party activists, whom, Deutsch charged, are  somehow “angry,” “vitriolic,” and “racist.” Thus, to hide the party’s true colors — both literally and figuratively, Deutsch said — the GOP is fielding ethnically fraudulent candidates like Rubio.

DEUTSCH: You almost need that blank piece of paper. That’s the new model. Like, you know, this coconut Rubio down in Florida…

Marco Rubio: he’s running [for the United States Senate] against [fellow Republican] Charlie Crist, who[m] I think has done a great job [as governor].

BEHAR: So basically, these people (the tea partiers) are basically angry with the Right and the Left for the same reason: [because] there’s fiscal irresponsibility?

DEUTSCH: No, they’re angry… Their argument is (and I think there’s a lot of racism underneath it): “He (they) are taking your civil liberties away. They’re stomping on the Constitution. They’re telling us how many bullets we can have in our guns.”

Of course, Deutsch provided absolutely no evidence whatsoever that there is any “racism” behind the Tea Party movement, because no such evidence exists. His smear is simply the product of his own nasty and fervid left-wing imagination.

Coconut isn’t as common a slur as “oreo”; however, it has the same origin and the same malicious intent. The intent is to try and put Hispanics and African Americans in their place: to ensure that they don’t stray too far politically and ideologically.

Indeed, for leftists like Deutsch, the only good Hispanic, and the only good African American, is a liberal Democrat — and all other Hispanics, and all other African Americans, ought to drop dead politically.

But instead of owning up to his political bigotry and intellectual bullying, Deutsch has decided to baldly lie and feign ignorance. Thus, on his s Twitter page Deutsch disingenuously wrote: “I said ‘coconut’ meaning simple, goofy, bananas… [I] wasn’t even aware it [coconut] could be a racially charged word.”

Bull. Deutsch may be many things, but he isn’t stupid. The man understands the meaning and power of words. Deutsch, in fact, made his name — and his fortune — as a hotshot advertising and marketing executive. His pleas of ignorance are unconvincing and untrue.

Hispanic groups and the Republican Party ought to demand that Deutsch own up to what he said and meant and apologize. And the TV networks that regularly feature Deutsch (MSNBC and CNBC) should keep Deutsch off the air until such time as he apologizes — to Rubio and indeed, to all Hispanic Americans. Political bigotry and intellectual bullying should have no place in American political discourse.


John R. Guardiano is a writer and analyst in Arlington, Virginia. Follow him on Twitter.

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