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‘Colorful’ is right: the soft bigotry of Media Matters

Posted on February 24 2010 12:00 pm
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You know who.

Kate Conway must really want to keep her job.

Conway is one of the three (count ’em!) Media Matters staffers assigned to work the high steel listen to Rush Limbaugh every afternoon, duplicate his transcriptionist’s work, then make lame jokes about Rush’s lame jokes.

Here’s Conway’s take on a segment from Limbaugh’s show yesterday:

A dissenting caller then used a variety of colorful analogies to share his distaste for Rush. After telling Rush that his callers all tell him he’s walking on water when he’s really sinking in quicksand, the caller said he believes the country is heading in the right direction and then hung up. For a moment it looked like Rush was going to keep his cool, but then he began to shake his head and gesticulate, asking: “What is he, on welfare?”

Since Conway omitted a few “colorful” details about the call, here’s the official show transcript:

RUSH: From Austin, Texas, Anthony, welcome to the EIB Network, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Yeah, I want to make a comment but I’d like to ask you a question because this is a way I can get my point across.  Rush, if you put a mouse in the same box as a snake, what would you think would happen?

RUSH:  If I put a mouse in the same box as a snake…

CALLER:  What would you take out?  The snake will attack because that’s his natural instinct.  You have a lot of people calling your show.  They applaud you, they praise you, they make you feel like you’re walking on water, when actually you’re sinking in quicksand.  You do all this knocking about Barack Obama, holding Barack Obama to a double standard, when the man has been in office a year, and he’s supposed to solve all of America’s problems.  And Barack Obama — and I see America heading in the right direction. I’m not going to agree with you.  I’m not going to go along with you just to get along, because this is who I am.  But I will say that Barack Obama is doing a great job.  It is the Republican Party that is dividing the United States of America.  And I will also say that, if all these people knocking, hating, criticizing Barack Obama, if anything happens to Barack Obama, God have mercy on the United States of America. Like Jeremiah Wright said: “God damn America,” and I’m for real with you.

RUSH: Ummm.

CALLER: (click)

RUSH:  He hung up. Thank you. You know, there’s a lot of anger out there on the left, folks.  There is a tremendous lot of anger out there. I couldn’t understand everything he said so I’m just now reading the transcription.  “[H]ave mercy on the US like…” Oh, he said, “‘God d— America,’ and I am for real with you,” and he thinks the country is headed in the right direction.  What is he, on welfare?  Does this guy have a house he couldn’t afford? Is this guy being kept in a house he can’t afford? I don’t know how you can think America is headed in the right direction unless you’re feeding off your neighbors.

Hmmm… that caller certainly had something “colorful” to say between the “he believes the country is heading in the right direction”part and the “hanging up” part…

Incidentally, it was clear from the caller’s voice that he was African-American. Conway leaves this out, too, of course, even though this politically correct omission renders her faux outrage about Rush’s Archie Bunker-ish “welfare” crack somewhat confusing.

(Although I must say, Conway’s conscious or subconscious use of the word “colorful” in her post certainly was a delightful touch…)

Kate Conway shouldn’t worry so much about keeping her job at the George Soros Steno Pool. With her ability to twist herself into uncomfortable positions, she’d make a helluva yoga instructor.

Then again, I shouldn’t be so hard on Conway. That whole “voice” thing can be confusing. Here’s proof, brought to you by Rush Limbaugh’s in-house parodist and impressionist, “white comedian” Paul Shanklin:

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