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Anti-Muslim College Columnist Attacks Those Who Fight Islamofascism

Posted on February 24 2010 6:10 pm
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The one who stands up for the woman being caned is “anti-Muslim,” right?

Is it accurate to describe those who opposed Nazi totalitarianism in World War II as “anti-German”? How about those who fought against the Stalinists in the USSR during the Cold War? Were they “anti-Russian”?

Such arguments are absurd. Anyone who would suggest it would be laughed out of the intellectual culture. If they wrote an op/ed for a paper making such points their editor would trash it and probably not give them a chance to write again.

So why can this misguided college punk get away with calling David Horowitz “anti-Muslim” for his campaigns on behalf of Muslims victimized by Islamofascists?

Michael Reynoso of the Daily Nexus plays the predictable role of college leftist on a campaign to slay conservative demons on his school’s op/ed page:

In 2008 they invited David Horowitz, a fanatically anti-Muslim activist with nightmares about “liberal indoctrination” in universities, to speak following his rabidly prejudiced ad campaign that ran in the Daily Nexus. He ended up calling a Muslim student’s keffiyeh a “terrorist’s headscarf.” This Thursday our campus will again play host to a vile icon of the right, someone perhaps not as unhinged as Horowitz but no less of a monster: Karl Rove.

“Anti-Muslim”? “Monster”? “Vile”? “Unhinged”? What planet is this guy living on? This is David Horowitz’s position on Muslims:

Horowitz’s position is identical to the one FrontPage managing editor Jamie Glazov articulated at NRB today:

The issue here is not to demonize Muslims. Many Muslims, like Tarek Fatah and Irshad Manji, are fighting to reform Islam and to bring it into the modern and democratic world. We must support them. Millions of Muslims suffer from persecution under Sharia Law. We must help them. The key is that it is time to be honest about what Islamic theology inspires and sanctions. The key is that the onus is on the Muslim world to confront these teachings and to negate them if there is to be any possibility for an end to this conflict.

Reynoso is the one who’s anti-Muslim, not Horowitz. By sabotaging the efforts of those who seek to support the victims of the Muslim world, Reynoso is helping their oppressors.

I searched the Daily Nexus for more of Reynoso’s work. He has yet to write a single piece on behalf of the Muslims currently living under totalitarian regimes. He has yet to condemn the gender apartheid, child marriages, female genital mutilation, and religiously-condoned wife-beating rampant in the Muslim world. (Does he even know what Sharia is?) Apparently he’s more concerned with “monsters” like Horowitz who have the courage to stand up for the victims of the real monsters.

I used to write this kind of uneducated, misguided crap when I was a college leftist. Then I challenged my views, considered the arguments of those I once considered evil monsters, and went where the facts and my experiences took me (no matter the cost.)

Will Reynoso do the same someday? Will he abandon his role as one of the Left’s useful idiots? Will he challenge his political faith? Will he really stand up for Muslims across the world who are oppressed by a brutal totalitarian ideology? That’s up to him.

Michael is invited to respond to this post at NewsReal Blog by contacting me here.

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