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Today’s Tweet: Harry Reid is all about the Sticks and Stones

Posted on February 23 2010 12:13 pm
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Don’t know about you, but when Harry Reid tweets something, I tend to sit up and pay attention…something akin to the old, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” approach.  Today, Sen. Reid posted this:

The U.S.’ lost decade’ in overseas travel cost us $500 billion.

Vegas depends mightily on tourism dollars, as does my hometown of Orlando.  And we’ve felt the pinch of declining tourism bucks in sunny Florida just as severely as Senator Reid’s state. But when Mr. Reid points to an article that lays the blame on our heightened airport security measures… he’s one boarding pass short of a round trip.

Reid links to this:

The report echoed earlier travel industry warnings that the United States following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks developed a reputation for being unfriendly to overseas visitors. Delays and hassles at border posts and airports, and the lack of aggressive U.S. marketing overseas, have contributed to that perception, officials have said.

Say what?  WE are unfriendly?  Has the good senator ever been overseas?  The airports in Europe make our own Homeland Security peeps look like clowns.  Europe has been at this much longer than the United States and takes it much more seriously.   God forbid that we strengthen our borders to better albeit not always successfully protect ourselves.

Reid is in the “we have an unfriendly reputation” camp.  Oh please.   Thank heavens we have an apologist president who will no doubt kiss it and make it better.  It’s not like anyone would ever want to hurt us.

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