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Surprise! Gawker Hawks New Right-Wing Fantasy

Posted on February 23 2010 10:31 am
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Gawker must not read other lefty blogs.

When Joseph Stack crashed his plane into a Texas tax building, what struck me (aside from the lunacy) were the comments on Huffington Post and a handful of other left-leaning blogs I frequent.  I was horrified to see praise for Stack’s manifesto, not for his railing against the tax system (of course), but for his remarks about corporatism and George Bush, culminating in the juxtaposition of the Communist creed and Capitalist “greed.”  It sounded like an anti-Bush rally mantra, for crikey’s sake.

Imagine my (mock) surprise when Gawker ran with this inane piece, accusing the entire right-wing (though increasingly capital-L Libertarian) tea party movement of lionizing Stack.  Why, it’s almost as if they missed whole sections of Stack’s devolving screed of personal angst–you know, sections which sounded more like a Keith Olbermann broadcast than anything you’d see at a tea party protest.  Oh, but it’s the TAXES Stack lamented.  Who doesn’t, Gawker?  Does the average Democrat voter love being taxed to death?  Doesn’t the promise of lower taxes resonate across the board?  One thing I do know is that no, not one right winger I know will speak of communism in a favorable light while pillorying the free market as Stack did.

Painstakingly detailed, Gawker lists web board after right-wing web board chock full of conservatives hailing Stack as their hero.  Oh, right.  They just said this:

And obviously right-wing forums on the internet are rife with people saying they have to “suppress the urge to take flying lessons,” in the wake of Stack’s glowing example.

Just trust them.  I mean, obviously.

I will say that the few outliers who have been less critical of the, er, “Stack Attack” are exactly that–fringe.  Debra Medina, who sympathized with Stack’s sentiment, has also been roundly criticized for her nuanced opinion of 9/11 conspiracy theories by none other than Glenn Beck.  This is the single example, aside from Stack’s adult daughter, which Gawker provides to bolster their smear.  One link to an Associated Press piece offers little more evidence of right-wing support other than and four personal accounts of dubious credibility, two of which I just listed.

Don’t let your own eyes fool you or reason clear your feverish imagination, though.  Gawker never lies.

(Read Liz Blaine’s excellent report on Joseph Stack’s ideology also at Newsreal.)

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