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Irresponsible Journalism: Think Progress Identifies Texas Plane Crasher as Part of the Right and Tries to Connect Him to Republicans

Posted on February 23 2010 6:57 pm
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We knew it would happen.  Faux journalists on the Left have decided to make Joe Stack, the man who flew his plane into the IRS building in Texas, a poster boy of the right and especially the Tea Party folks. NewsReal Blog, Rush Limbaugh, and others prophesied that would happen before the flames were even put out in Austin.

Think Progress (TP), a left-wing activist blog, has joined the liberal blog chorus of ranters calling Stack a member of the Right.  TP has now taken the next step of lies by attempting to link Stack to key Republicans in the House and Senate.  The TP article I read comes off like something out of The Onion. It bears no resemblance to truth or journalism.

Check out the article they posted yesterday by Lee Yang that pathetically attempts to link Congressman Steve King of Iowa (and others) with Stack.

“The suicide bomber, identified as Joseph Andrew Stack, was allegedly a right wing extremist who wrote on a website that violence “is the only answer” and expressed anger at the IRS, the federal government, and health care reform. Some on the fringe right have declared Stack a hero…He (Rep. King) noted that although the attack was “sad,” “by the same token,” it was justified.” – Think Progress

How in the world can Yang write that paragraph?  Did he not read Stack’s suicide manifesto?  It is impossible to read that note and think Stack was a member of the Right.  The man unabashedly attacked George W. Bush.  He promoted the “Communist creed” over Capitalism and free enterprise.  Moreover, he attacked the Catholic church in a way that sounded like Stack had just been reading the Communist Manifesto.

I am shocked that Yang wrote Stack was angry at health care reform like it would lend credence to Stack being on the Right.  His suicide note shows he wanted a socialistic form of health care. So his anger was clearly directed at the Republicans for not passing Obamacare.  Either Yang did not know that or is intentionally twisting the truth to push his lie.

Finally Yang calls Stack a hero of the “fringe right”.  He doesn’t define the fringe right, but does go right into declaring some Republicans as part of that group in their supposed support for Stack.  Yang fails to mention that the only people who have called Stack a hero are Stack’s own daughter and a couple of white supremacy groups.

The rest of the TP article tries to paint Rep. King, Senator Scott Brown (R-MA), and usual suspect Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) as somehow defenders, discounters, and promoters of Stack’s violence.  Of course there is no proof for such accusations.  TP even had the gall to assert King believed Stack’s actions were “justified” – even though King never came close to saying that.

Basically if someone on the Right says they don’t like something about the IRS, TP links them to Stack.  Of course, key Obama staff who have avoided paying taxes in the past somehow get ignored by the Left in this whole discussion.

Hopefully liberal bloggers will learn to actually read Stack’s own words and give up on this pathetic attempt to link him with the Right.  Such journalism is not only shoddy, but it’s harmful when you begin to try to destroy people’s lives and reputations with it.  Think Progress needs to think responsible journalism.

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