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Mob Rule, Alive and Well – But Choking on Second-Hand Smoke

Posted on February 22 2010 1:10 pm
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As I was roaming about the house, muttering under my breath with outrage at yet another “How dare you question The One! Racist Crackers! ” demonization of conservatives, I couldn’t help but think, and thus become further dismayed, that I wasn’t really surprised.

It is obvious that few, including Congress, understand that America is a Constitutional Republic and not a Pure Democracy. The reason: Our founders, in their infinite wisdom, made it so that mob rule cannot reign. So that mobocracy does not occur and individuals, even a minority in number, are protected from a tyranny of the majority. This is supposed to be done by checks, such as actually following that pesky old Constitution and not legislating morality or behavior.

Seems easy, right? Makes sense? Well, apparently sense and principle and beliefs upon which our Nation was founded go right out the window if you simply don’t like something. I speak of smoking bans, which have now gone so far as to ban smoking outside. No, really. In Seattle, natch (excerpt from

Yesterday, overruling an advisory panel’s recommendation, Seattle Parks Superintendent Timothy Gallagher imposed a comprehensive tobacco ban on the city’s parks. Although protecting bystanders from secondhand smoke is the most common justification for such bans, Gallagher’s rationale is wider:

The negative health effects of tobacco are well documented. As an agency that has a fundamental mission to support the health and well-being of Seattle residents, it is appropriate and beneficial to prohibit the use of tobacco products at parks and park facilities.”

In other words, Gallagher is intent on using his power as parks superintendent not only to protect park patrons from the occasional whiff of someone else’s cigarette smoke but to protect them from the ill effects of their own unhealthy habits. Hence the inclusion of smokeless tobacco, which poses no conceivable threat to passers-by (and also is much less hazardous to consumers than cigarettes).

Anyone who believes in freedom and liberty should be outraged that the rights of private citizens and business owners are being usurped, all for “your own good”. And, if you oppose Obamacare, you should oppose smoking bans. It has nothing to do with whether or not you personally smoke. It has everything to do with freedom.

Where are the rallying cries of “My body, My choice” now? The cries of “Stay out of our bedrooms” now? The new cries are Stay out of my uterus, but come on into my lungs ? Stay out of my bedroom, but welcome to my private business, my apartment, my condo, my car and the AIR? Because it has come to that. [snip]

It started with smoking, it is moving on to trans-fats and high fructose corn syrup — just wait and see what happens if Socialized Medicine in the form of Obamacare comes to pass and they really have a say in every single thing you do, with the ability to determine your personal choices in the name of protecting you from yourself.  Because, when fascism comes to America, it will come wearing a white coat, carrying a stethoscope and asking you to bend over and cough.

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