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Media Matters mocks Glenn Beck’s charts with chart about Glenn Beck’s charts

Posted on February 22 2010 12:00 pm
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Media Matters believes that this is an actual “thing”

What does George Soros get for the millions of dollars he donates to “right wing media watchdog” Media Matters?

As we’ve noted before, Soros & Co. pays three individuals to listen to Rush Limbaugh’s show every day and transcribe his jokes — even though that’s already a Limbaugh employee’s job. (Her name’s Dawn.) Anyone can read said transcripts for free on Rush’s site, right after his show. So.

I guess employee review time is coming up or something, but the kids at Media Matters are so desperate to look busy that they are now applying their keen analytical skills to…

Glenn Beck’s blackboard scribbles.

Media Matters has switched from mocking Beck’s famous TV prop to treating it like the Rosetta Stone:

A year ago, Glenn Beck rolled out the first in a long series of increasingly bizarre blackboard scrawls and graphics intended to link President Obama and the progressive movement to extremists and dictators and otherwise illustrate Beck’s conspiratorial worldview. Throughout the year, he has used chalk, markers, and Fox News’ graphics department to bring his theories to life.

Media Matters for America has reviewed Beck’s charts and detailed them below by the numbers.

This post by “Media Matters staff” must be seen to be believed.

It is the longest post I’ve ever seen on their site, in part because someone — God help me, I’m not making this up — was obliged to count every time Beck wrote words like “Obama” or “progressive” on his chalkboard, then arrange the results of their count into some kind of a “thing;” and in part because there are dozens of ripped videos of Beck writing on said chalkboard, as unimpeachable proof of something or other.

And, even more incredibly, Media Matters readers found this post sufficiently compelling to leave over 100 comments about it.

So let’s review:

A year ago, Glenn Beck started writing stuff on a blackboard on his show. It wasn’t an original idea: staunch anti-communist Archbishop Fulton Sheen employed a blackboard to Emmy-winning effect in the 1950s, but a half century later, the prop was sufficiently novel, and effective enough, that Beck kept it up.

The likes of Saturday Night Live have already made fun of Beck’s chalkboard. Media Matters tried making fun of it too, but because (incredibly) even fewer people read Media Matters than watch SNL, that tactic didn’t get any traction.

Glenn Beck makes fun of the blackboard himself. He just did that at CPAC (see below). He gets it. So do his fans (see “see below,” above).

However, Media Matters still thinks this low tech gimmick is important enough to merit in-depth, “Zapruder film” type analysis, and many of its readers agree.

But remember, everybody: Glenn Beck is the “crazy” one…

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