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Ryan Sorba is an Arrogant Tool

Posted on February 21 2010 6:30 pm
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For those of you that don’t know, Ryan Sorba is the pompous genius who decided to wreck his big debut at CPAC by getting himself booed off stage. Watch the video below:

What a likeable guy.

“Bring it, I love it, I love it!” It’s pretty ironic that this guy who likes to show off his toughness is making a career out of attacking homosexuals. He even said to gay Republican Alex Knepper (who, in all fairness, didn’t exactly confront him politely—only click the link if you are ready for some crude remarks) that he’d fight him if his girlfriend wasn’t there. If Sorba was smart, he would have seen the future and said ex-girlfriend. If this is how he handles disputes, I can only imagine the horror he’d bring to the life of a spouse.

He goes on to defend his position by saying “civil rights are grounded in natural rights” and homosexuality isn’t natural. If I’m following him correctly, is he saying that homosexuals don’t deserve civil rights?

He ends with saying to a member in the audience—“guess what? You just made an enemy out of me!” Words cannot describe his inflated sense of self-importance. I hadn’t even heard of this guy until now and he’s out threatening people like he’s some big shot.

Perhaps what bothers me most about this incident is that it shows how hideous the political scene can be. He’s condemning CPAC for allowing homosexuals who share their agenda to co-sponsor them. If they weren’t gay, he wouldn’t care, and he feels they should just be shunned. He’ll probably argue that homosexuality is wrong according to the Bible, but if all sinners are in equal need of salvation, why is he singling them out? What makes his sin of being so prideful and judgmental any less of a sin than homosexuality?

In today’s times, it’s amazing to me that the thing that gets him most riled up is people being gay. I don’t know Sorba, but in one of my psychology classes, I did learn about this thing called “projection.” Just sayin…

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