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Rooting Out The Islamophobes At Fox News?

Posted on February 20 2010 3:36 pm
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Last November I wrote a piece for this Blog that centered on the tendency of Bill O’Reilly (and others) to soft-shoe Islamic Terrorism by inserting caveats like

“…Most Muslims are good people….”

every time a story broke about some sort of evil-doing on the part of a Jihadist.

It wasn’t so much a Fox News criticism as a swipe against our submissive media in general, who seem to go belly-up in an effort to be “fair” every time one of Allah’s foot soldiers blows up a skyscraper, or a ship, or a train, and kills large numbers of innocent people, co-religionists included.

But Holy war is conducted on many fronts, including the arena of public opinion, and it isn’t always violent, of course.

Take this February 17th article (Islamophobes Unwelcome At Fox News) by Chad Groening in the Christian Publication, which features O’Reilly, News Corporation, A Muslim Apostate, and a Saudi Prince in its cast of characters.

According to Groening,

A former member of the Palestine Liberation Organization who has converted to Christianity says a Saudi prince is now the second-largest shareholder in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, the parent company of the Fox News Channel.

For years the Fox News Channel has described itself as “fair and balanced,” free from what some consider the “Kool-Aid” of liberalism and political correctness of other national news agencies. But Walid Shoebat, former Palestinian terrorist who is now a Christian, says ever since Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal became a major stockholder in Fox’s parent company, he has been able to influence its news content.

Walid Shoebat small“He himself said, ‘I just had to make a phone call to [tell them to] stop using the word Muslim’ regarding the rioting in France,” Shoebad notes. “Bill O’Reilly says to Ibrahim Hooper, the head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), that he is an upstanding citizen. Since when was the head of CAIR an upstanding citizen?” he wonders.

The former terrorist adds that viewers will no longer be seeing any so-called “Islamophobes” on Fox.

I don’t know how correct that statement is. I watched a good piece last night on Hannity that focused on the efforts of the Fort Jackson Five to poison our military’s food supply, so I’m not sure that all anti-terror voices at Fox have been silenced – although it is something we should keep an eye on.

After all, when it comes to world domination:

Allah never sleeps.

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