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The Twilight of the Global Warming Vampire

Posted on February 19 2010 6:00 am
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If the junk science of Global Warming aka Climate Change were a monster, it would be Dracula. Global Warming is difficult to kill. It is a seductive term that can make the wildest dreams of any Socialist come true. There is no tax or power grab that could not be mandated by the invisible threat of Global Warming. Until a few months ago, western society resembled a beautiful woman with her neck bare and ready to be sucked dry by the Global Warming vampire.

For years, there have been numerous questions surrounding the data that sustained Global Warming.  However, it was the ClimateGate memos, leaked shortly before the December Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen, that provided the first glimmer of hope that this monster could be defeated. Politicians and their Igor, the media, have been pushing ahead with the Global Warming agenda despite proof that the data they use is false and manufactured.

My favorite example of media denial of the facts comes from a February 15th story from NPR. The story was called “Get This: Warming Planet Can Mean More Snow”. The piece was an attempt to explain why the East Coast was buried in three feet of snow that week. It would have been more accurate if they had titled it “TRY This: Warming Planet Can Mean More Snow”. This propaganda is a classic example of “Are you going to believe me or your own eyes?”

While epic snow falls and cold temperatures are causing many Americans to cool on Global Warming, an article “What to Say to a Global Warming Alarmist” by Orange County Register columnist Mark Landsbaum, arms “deniers” with a silver bullet to place in their guns. The “crib notes” article is a list and summary of 19 examples of Global Warming “Gates”. Landsbaum offers up the juicy details about data scandals like “ReefGate”, where the IPCC cited GreenPeace instead of peer reviewed literature to back up claims that Climate Change is responsible for the destruction of the coral reefs.

Politicians and media have yet to face the fact that there is no true science to support the claim of Global Warming. Many will fight to keep the dream of global taxation of carbon alive. More savvy politicians, like Yvo de Boer, who resigned today from his position as the UN’s top Climate Change official, will get while the getting is good. Let’s hope that the Global Warming vampire has taken a bullet to the heart and that Washington DC gets a few more feet of snow this winter.

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