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The Rare Sightings of Tipper Gore

Posted on February 19 2010 1:01 pm
Rhonda Robinson is part of NewsReal's editorial team. As a columnist, Rhonda has provided readers with thoughtful insight into social, political, and parenting issues since 1995.
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Catching a glimpse of Tipper Gore these days is about as rare as seeing a family of polar bears frolic in the Arctic. Unless of course, you’re a deadhead in DC. No, not the ones in the White House, those who attend Grateful Dead concerts. If so, you might have caught the performance of the former second lady alongside Micky Hart, as she came on stage and finished up the main set.

Other than surprise appearances at rock concerts, Tipper seems to have taken a lower public profile than her husband, former Vice President Al Gore. Unlike her husband, we don’t hear of her on any major crusades of her own, like those she led in the eighties. In those days, she gathered a coalition of congressional wives and took on the likes of Frank Zappa, and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, in an attempt to save children from their unsavory lyrics. She ended up as a co-founder of the Parent’s Music Resource Center.

If you’ve been wondering what she’s been up to lately;  she’s still championing a cause. But it looks like she’s letting Al take on global warming and the “plight” of the polar bears, while she’s confronting something that actually exists.

Mental Health issues, are for Tipper, both personal and professional. With a family history of depression, Grateful Dead concerts aren’t her only gig in DC.

Tipper also joined George Stephanopoulos and Dr. Sanjay Gupta along with other leaders in the Mental Health field for the Mental Health America’s Centennial Conference,  “Celebrating the Legacy: Forging the Future,” last June, celebrating the organization’s 100th anniversary.

I apologize for posting a video of poor quality. If you can get through bad sound, and nearby coughing, it’s worth hearing Tipper tell the story of her mother’s struggle with depression, and watching her as a little girl growing up, how she admired her mother’s courage, as she watched her rebuild her life again and again.

Tipper is a rare breed for a Washington Democrat.

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