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Bill Maher Thinks You’re Stupid, America

Posted on February 19 2010 10:26 am
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I listen to Hugh Hewitt’s podcasts every morning as I get ready for work.  The theme running through Hewitt’s show yesterday (2/18/10) was that the House is going to ram through Obamacare via the “reconciliation process,” a parliamentry procedure normally used for budgetary matters.  Apparently, 17 senators have signed a letter urging Reid to use reconciliation for the “public option” and Hewitt thinks that since the election of Scott Brown, both the center-right and the seniors have “…gone to sleep” regarding Obamacare.  What’s more, even retiring Senator Bayh is open to reconciliation.  Establishment media have spun a myth that Bayh is a “centrist” or even a conservative in the days since his bombshell announcement of his retirement.  So, if even the so-called centrists are open to reconciliation . . .

It is easy to see how the establishment media are manipulating events to favor the Democrat leftist agenda.  They really think you’re stupid, America.

Hewitt  played a short clip of celebrity leftist moron Bill Maher to demonstrate the contempt leftists have for average Americans with regard to Obamacare:

And, on cue, leftist Robert calls in to echo Maher’s sentiments:

America, your rejection of Obamacare proves that you’re just too stupid to understand complex issues.  But don’t worry.  The Democrats are going to pass Obamacare by using the reconciliation process in spite of everything you have done over the past year.  They know what’s best.

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