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The Magical Thinking of an Atheist Commenter

Posted on February 18 2010 2:14 am
Jenn escaped blue state academia for redder pastures in the South. Follow her on Twitter and read more of her work at
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Wednesday morning I published a piece about the media’s unsurprising embrace of Bart Centre, the anti-theist whose Web site offers devout Christians a chance to purchase post-Rapture pet care contracts.  Bart dropped by NewsReal to “correct one or two errors” in my post.  Four comments later, I’m still waiting for him to point out an actual error.

Does Bart believe that saying I made errors will make it come true? That’s quite a feat of magical thinking for an avowed atheist who purports to be guided by reason and rational thought.

I won’t republish the whole exchange (you can view it here), but I’d like to highlight Bart’s final comment as an example of his debate style:

PS: “Jenn” btw, your article has a very angry tone. If you were hurt by a freethinker / atheist at some time in your life, I’m sorry.

And I’ll use a comment Bart left on his own blog to explain what he’s trying to do:

Ah!! the “Why are you so angry?” “Why are you angry at God?” “If a Christian hurt you at some time, Im sorry.” platitude ploy.

Yes, a favored technique to try and derail a conversation when they feel unable / inadequate to defend their reliance on an indefensible belief sysem

Looks like Bart doesn’t mind pilfering his trolling techniques from all those feeble-minded believers when he’s feeling “inadequate” about his beliefs.

But back to Bart’s magical thinking – it’s also evident in his political leanings:

I despise far Left Liberalism, as much as I despise the far Right Conservatives. The redistribution of wealth and the attempt to mandate economic equality; the wholesale giveaways that make people slaves to state handouts; the attempt to use government to cure all ills, these are the remnants of a defunct and anti-democratic , anti-capitalist mindset. I am for a strong military, smaller government, personal accountability, drilling for oil, and a rabid supporter of immigration enforcement. I couple that with a strong sense of social justice, a commitment to the Founding Fathers principles, a belief in personal freedoms. Thus, I’ve always applied the label “moderate” to myself.

Bart Centre prides himself on his capacity for rational thought and believes in  smaller government, strong national defense, and many other conservative ideals.

Did I mention he voted for Obama?


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