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Marco Rubio Kicks off CPAC

Posted on February 18 2010 10:34 am
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CPAC’s kickoff speaker this morning is Marco Rubio, who is running for the Senate from the state of Florida and is a rapidly rising star in the Republican Party, here is some of what he had to say:

“We will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to defeat radical Islam.  We will stand with our ally Israel.  We will target our enemies in states that harbor them.  We will capture them and bring them to justice IN FRONT OF A MILITARY TRIBUNAL IN GUANTANAMO, NOT A CIVILIAN COURTROOM IN MANHATTAN.

For many of us who were born in this country it’s sometimes easy to forget how different America is from the rest of the world.  What makes America great is that there are dreams that are impossible everywhere else which are possible here.  Why is this?

When government controls the economy, those that can influence it control the game.  In other countries where this is the case, you are limited.  Americans made a different choice.  A free enterprise system designed to provide equality of opportunity.  This is they only country in the world where today’s employee is tomorrow’s employer.

My parents came to America with virtually nothing.  Both of my parents worked jobs so that their children could have careers.  How many mornings would I wake up and run into my Mom who was just coming in from an overnight shift as a stock clerk at K-Mart?

My parents were once my age, but because of where they were born, because of who they were born to, because they lost their country, they were denied opportunity.  So they came here to make a better life for themselves and for their children.  Everything I have I know I owe to my parents, my family and to the United States of America.

Our leaders are now asking us to choose something very different.  Those who came here made their choice.  Now we must make ours.  Do you want your children to inherit your hopes and dreams, or your unfulfilled dreams and problems?  The task this year for us is to make sure that Americans choose the right path.

This generation is the most important in American history. If we fail, they will be the first to inherit a very different country.  We have fought for and held onto those things that made us exceptional.  Because we did, there is still one place in the world where where you come from does not determine where you will go.  We must keep that dream alive so that the American miracle will continue.”

You can watch CPAC live here.

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