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Hamas-Linked ISNA “Facilitated” Brennan’s NYU Speech

Posted on February 18 2010 5:21 am
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The Obama administration is apparently more committed to the UK model of counterrorism than was previ0usly believed.  One would never know it from the White House’s website, but Obama’s Counterterrorism Czar’s  speech to Islamic law students at NYU last weekend was actually a “meeting” “facilitated” by Muslim Brotherhood front group ISNA.

But don’t take my word for it.  Ask Louay Safi and Mohamed Elsanousi.

(Washington, DC – February 16, 2010) The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) facilitated a meeting with John Brennan, Assistant to the President on National Security for homeland security and counter terrorism. The meeting was intended to start a dialogue between government officials and Muslim American leaders to explore issues of national security, including the important role the Muslim American community plays to thwart security threats and improve the deteriorating relationships with Muslim countries. The meeting, organized by the White House under the title “A Dialogue on Our Nation’s Security,” was co-sponsored by the Islamic Center at New York University, the Islamic Law Students Association at NYU, and the White House Office of Public Engagement.

The dialogue was held on Saturday, February 13, 11 a.m., at the School of Law, New York University. Dr. Ingrid Mattson, ISNA president, delivered the opening remarks and welcomed Mr. Brennan. Dr. Mattson underscored the challenges terrorism poses to all of us in the United States, appreciated the efforts made by law enforcement agencies to protect all Americans including Muslims, and acknowledged the difficulties and concerns faced by the Muslim Americans in post 9/11. “The terrorist attacks of 9/11 shocked all of us,” she pointed out, “and left us feeling vulnerable, confused and angry.”

Dr. Mattson went off-script a bit when she declared that “Al-Qaeda and other terrorists … consider us at worst apostates and collaborators.”  Because what could be worse than an apostate except for a “collaborator?”

Can you imagine if, during the Cold War, the head of an ostensibly-upstanding-but-still-quite-unsavory advocacy group for liberal socialists declared that “the Soviets and other communists consider us at worst capitalists and collaborators?”  Can you imagine Reagan sending John Poindexter to a meeting with this group?

Mattson’s speech ends (at the 6 minute mark in the first video) where the White House’s video (the second in the playlist) begins:

Why did the White House’s Ministry of Information Office of Public Engagement not only toss down the memory hole edit out Dr. Mattson’s introduction, but fail to note anywhere on their website that she introduced Brennan at all, or that ISNA “facilitated” the speech/meeting?  Could it be because the OPE, who co-sponsored the event, might have considered just how horrifying it might be to the American people that the President’s Counterterrorism Czar meets with and panders to proudly anti-Semitic, Hamas-linked unindicted co-conspirators in historic terror funding trials?

One runs across some interesting stuff when searching for “Islam” on YouTube.

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