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Daily Dish’s Soup du Jour: The Arab Narrative and Death to America

Posted on February 18 2010 3:14 pm
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America will stand or fall with Israel. This assertion is illustrated and justified by the latest skirmish instigated by the too-familiar Andrew Sullivan. The Daily-Dish’s self-proclaimed conscience of a nation of torturers, has demanded that Ronald Radosh, NYC University’s co-author of The Rosenberg File, remove and apologize for his post at Pajamas Media. Radosh, a conservative historian whose Marxist odyssey mirrors that of David Horowitz, explains the cause of Sullivan’s outrage:

“A while back, I posted…an Israeli’s response to the Goldstone Report at Pajamas Media. Now, at his website at TheAtlantic.Com, Andrew Sullivan is asking me and PJM to “take down this racist post and apologize.” He also accuses me of “McCarthyism” and “of being unhinged on the matter of the Middle East” and of moving towards “grotesque slanders of the ‘treasonous’ motives of a man like Goldstone.”

The Goldstone Report is an investigation, prepared at the behest of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, of the war on Israel. Radosh’s post is a reproduced letter from Roy Chweidan, a man familiar with Goldstone’s career in South Africa. Sullivan cries, “Racism!” because Radosh posted Chweidan’s assertion that, “relying only on “Arab truth,” the Goldstone Report is inaccurate.

Radosh stands his ground:

“He argues, as you can see for yourself, that I am indeed both a Mc Carthyite and a racist for arguing that “an entire people” and an “entire ethnic group” are outside the realm of being normal; i.e., that because they are Arabs, they are by nature liars. He accuses me of making the same arguments as anti-Semites who say all Jews are above the truth by nature.”

“That, however, is not my point. It is, rather, the meta-narrative Thomas Friedman refers to in his Sunday New York Times column, one that is “is embraced across the Arab-Muslim political spectrum, from the secular left to the Islamic right.” That narrative, Friedman writes, citing the words of Lacan Hadad, says: ‘The Arabs and Muslims are victims of an imperialist-Zionist conspiracy aided by reactionary regimes in the Arab world. It has as its goal keeping the Arabs and Muslims backward in order to exploit their oil riches and prevent them from becoming as strong as they used to be in the Middle Ages — because that is dangerous for Israel and Western interests.’ ” Is Friedman too a racist because he argues there is an “Arab narrative?”

What does this have to do with our county’s survival? Everything. Israel’s abandonment and destruction depend on Americans accepting the “Arab Narrative.” Once the United States aligns its Foreign Policy with enlightened Academia, Israel will fall, and we will follow her into oblivion because our condemnation of the Leftist caricature of Israel cries out for our own. If we subscribe to the revolutionary fantasy that Israel is the mother of her own enemies, that Hamas is not engaged in Terrorism, but righteous retaliation, and that Israeli self-defense is criminal oppression, how shall we not be convicted by this same myth?

We have wondered why every NRB Post addressing Islamic Terrorism, or anti-Israeli politicians, or US Foreign Policy is countered by virulent, acrimonious slashing. The answer is that the key to the utopian transformation of America, so lusted after by the Left, is to instill, within our national conscience, a disarming self-doubt, a shame nourished by the specter of ourselves as agents of evil, instead of “freedom’s last best hope.” If we join the global mob in clamoring for “Terrorist” Israel to be policed by the community of nations, then we, who have supported Israel, “driving peaceful Muslims to embrace Jihad for their own survival,” we too, must be disarmed for the good of humanity.

Ronald Radosh brilliantly declared that the “Arab Narrative,” is the substantive issue of his battle with Sullivan, not feigned outrage at a breach of political correctness. Sullivan’s factually anemic defense of Goldstone’s opinion piece undermines our determination to remain the last bulwark against the true totalitarian Communist or Sharia Utopias.

The subjective suffering resulting from the war against Israel is shared by Israelis and the Arabs attacking her. The reality of who started and ruthlessly pursues the war is objective. The ultimate goal of revisionist history, as championed by Goldstone and Sullivan, is to demand the land of Israel, piece by piece. In this war, land is truth. Giving land away legitimizes the myth, “Israel stole and now occupies Palestine.”

Ronald Radosh refuses to apologize for or take down his post, his “settlement,” at Pajamas Media to appease Andrew Sullivan. In these wars of ideas, the truth is like the land, you can’t give the truth away to make peace without eventually losing your country.

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