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Rachel Maddow: DNC Strategist

Posted on February 17 2010 9:26 pm
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On her program Tuesday Rachel Maddow passionately laid out what the Democratic Party needs to do to be successful in the November midterm elections.  Maddow pretended that all the ideas she was presenting were her original thoughts. If fact, when addressing Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairperson Tim Kaine she said,

Let me give you a chance to correct me first on something that I made up [emphasis added].

Rachel Maddow has never been averse to playing off her aggregation of political news as her original thoughts, but I knew I recognized her talking points when I heard them. But where had I heard these Democrat talking points? Oh, I know, here. When David Plouffe returned from his book tour to resume a place in the Obama White House he immediately reminded people why he was selected as Obama’s campaign manager.

Video below the crease…

In his piece in the Washington Post entitled November doesn’t need to be a Nightmare for Democrats on January 24, 2010 Plouffe delineated the steps necessary to stem the losses in the midterms.  Below is a video of Rachel Maddow explaining what ‘she’ believes are the steps Democrats must take to be successful in November – you know, the one’s she ‘made up’.

I would ask you to keep in mind as you watch the video that these are the exact points that David Plouffe laid out in his Washington Post article:

  • Pass a meaningful health insurance reform package without delay.
  • We need to show that we not just are focused on jobs but also create them
  • Make sure voters understand what the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act did for the economy.
  • Don’t accept any lectures on spending.
  • “Change” is not just about policies.
  • Run great campaigns.
  • No bed-wetting.

Here are Maddow’s points (at about the 6:47 mark):

  • They need good candidates for open seats.
  • They need to pass health reform.
  • They need to make sure everyone…knows about Republican hypocrisy.

She spent a good portion of her show defending the stimulus program prior to making these points, and when she began questioning Mr. Kaine he quickly corrected her oversight about The Recovery Act and an emphasis on jobs.

Well, maybe Rachel Maddow isn’t a DNC strategist, but she sure does a good job of spouting them nearly verbatim from the lips of David Plouffe with a little assistance from the DNC chair. In fact, when Rachel Maddow and Tim Kaine were talking, you could hardly see David Plouffe’s lips moving.

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