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Comment: “So if everyone had the right values, all the population would have jobs at 40, 000 per year and there would be no poverty?”

Posted on February 17 2010 3:30 pm
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Hip-Shot Comments Never Hit the Target

While several comments actually nailed my point better than I did, and I would encourage you to read them, “Don” managed to miss the point of  “HuffPo: Nanny State Saves Poor Children, and Money–The Left’s Morality” entirely. You can read the actual post here.

“So if everyone had the right values, all the population would have jobs at 40, 000 per year and there would be no poverty? Where did poverty come from before there was the left?
It is the same question I can ask about Capitalism, where did poverty come from before Capitalism? You are implying that all poor women are without husbands, that all poor families are criminals and more.

Yet you imply all those children from that economic strata will receive unbiased treatment in public education. If you could eliminate all these problem people you define, how many would that be? 75,000,000? the poverty of Seventy five million Americans is caused by the left? They say Capitalism caused poverty, again where did these people come from before there was a left and a right.
Jesus said the poor will always be with us, this is not a charge, this is just an economic fact of life.”

This is a scatter-shot comment, it fires off in so many directions and misses target topic completely, and makes it hard to know where to begin.

Nowhere in my post did I suggest that “right values” was a guarantee of an income, nor would it preclude poverty. That notion is absurd.

Just as absurd however, is the assumption that just because a family is poor, their children will have mental and physical gaps. The parents living in the  Great Depression” managed to raise what we now consider the “greatest generation.” These children were raised in real poverty.

My point was that income alone should not be an indication of the “need” for aggressive intervention within the family by the state. There are usually underlying factors, accompanying poverty (if not causing it) such as drug and alcohol abuse. Women who have a string of non-familiar partners living in the home expose their children to a greater risk of abuse and neglect. Children growing up under these conditions tend to do rather poorly in school.

“You are implying that all poor women are without husbands, that all poor families are criminals and more.”

I never stated that.

However, it is in fact, the Left who justify the cost of universal preschool for poor families, as a cost saving measure—claiming it’s cheaper than housing them in prison later.

Again, they ignore possible underlying issues. Research backs up the point that intact families have better outcomes, none of which is not based on economic status.

“Children raised in intact, married families with their biological mother and father experience a vast array of benefits that span the age spectrum and persist into their own adulthood, including achieving literacy, avoiding teenage pregnancy and juvenile crime, graduating from high school, and attaining marital success.[9] Heritage Foundation

Capitalism does not cause poverty. It does not create a poor working class as the Left would have us believe. In fact, it allows people who were born into poverty to rise above it. By contrast, the Leftist ideology inadvertently causes generational poverty by exploiting the poor for power, and maintaining a sense of victim-hood, and traps generations into government dependency.

And finally, since you brought the Bible into the conversation: Yes, Christ said the poor would always be with us. If you read Proverbs you will find a laundry list of vices  that bring a man to ruin and poverty.

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