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Evan Bayh Retires – Last Word “Geronimo!”

Posted on February 16 2010 3:00 pm
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Evan Bayh, two-term Democratic Senator from Indiana, has announced he will not seek re-election, citing among other things:

too much narrow ideology and not enough practical problem-solving [in Congress]

In a related story, Vince McMahon will soon announce his resignation as chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment citing mounting evidence that “some of the action is rehearsed.”

It is possible Senator Bayh woke up a few days ago, cupped his face in a bed-headed version of Edvard Munch’s  “The Scream”  and exclaimed “Wow, that’s what’s been bothering me for twelve years:  Congress is full of self-interested ideologues!” It is also possible that the throng scrambling over his back to get to the fire exits has likewise discovered the joys of family life, the pursuit of  “other interests” and long walks on the beach — but the  likelier answer is they realize their bus has been hijacked by Toonces the Cat and it’s time to head for that big back door.

Much has been made lately of perceived divisions on the Right, but the real OK corral is being fought among Democrats.  The Republicans, insofar as they have had any part at all, have been reduced to the  Gabby Hayes role, peering through the saloon window yelling “quick, somebody get the sheriff!”  The fact is (with apologies to Senator Bayh) the Democrats have enjoyed unassailable majorities in both houses and could have passed a bill declaring Mars a nuclear-free zone if they wanted to.  (Don’t think it didn’t occur to them by the way.) No Republicans needed apply.

No, this has been an all-Dem affair, pitting the Uber Left against the rest — the “rest” being comprised of left-leaning, but fundamentally sane, politicians with at least a minimal sense of self-preservation. This latter group understands that the rocks and garbage thrown at them via rallies, town halls,  phone calls, e-mails and/or flaming arrows bespeak  something more than a passing snit on the part of their constituents, and that one more quip by Robert Gibbs is not going to make that better.

Evan Bayh is only the latest Democrat to pull the rip-cord. He will absolutely not be the last.

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