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Sweden’s Silent Exodus

Posted on February 15 2010 6:40 pm
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Hate crimes in Sweden, of which Jews were overwhelmingly the victims, doubled last year. And the Jewish community in Malmo is now half of what it once was. The Swedish newspaper Skånskan consequently ran a series of articles on Mӓlmo’s rampant anti-Semitism, which prompted an interview with mayor Ilmar Reepalu, entitled Israel has created an abscess.  Here is some of what he had to say:

Skånskan: Have you considered stating publicly that Malmo refuse to accept anti-Semitism. Or would that be too controversial?

Mayor of Malmo: We will neither accept zionism nor anti-Semitism. These are extremist beliefs whose adherents place themselves above other groups whom they view as inferior […]

I would have liked to see the Jewish community denounce the Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians. But instead they choose to have a [pro-Israeli] demonstration on the town square, which sent the wrong signal.

These and others statements made by the Mayor were of course disappointing to Swedish Jews and clearly dashed any expectations of authorities stepping up to the task. The unholy alliance clearly overrides any moral issues the swedish authorities might have had with the new “Judenfreien” Malmo.

But in a weird way there is also some good news hidden somewhere in here. To see a story like this one being reported at all is news in and of itself. Sweden has for many years had a news blackout when it comes to downsides of Muslim mass immigration. Add to this the fact that probably every single Swedish schoolchild sincerely believes that “Nazi” means “very conservative” and thus finds himself wholly incapable of distinguishing between conservatives expressing concerns about the long-term benefits of Muslim chain-immigration on the one hand and “downright evil wanting to conquer the world and exterminate the Jews” on the other. Just about a year ago newspapers in Malmo would go as far as to repeatedly “bleach” already pixelated photos of wanted immigrant criminals in order to make them look Swedish, and prevent readers from falling into “false consciousness.” (See below.)  News reports like the above at least demonstrate an attempt to break the silence and name the perpetrators instead of GIMPing them.

A wanted criminal is gimped before publication in swedish newspaper

It is about time that the the Swedes realize that it is in fact the “do-gooders” who are playing the Devil’s advocate.

Thanks to Steen from Snaphanen for helping me out with some of the scanian dialect in the newsreport

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