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Sarah Palin is the new Dick Cheney

Posted on February 14 2010 7:32 pm
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An ABC News article about Dick Cheney sneaks in a jab at Sarah Palin.  I guess the lefties at ABC  just can’t help themselves.  When asked about his views on the viability of Palin as candidate for POTUS in 2012, Cheney said that he hadn’t made a decision yet.  Not surprising, since the next election is still nearly tw0 years away.  You’d think that would be the end of it, that ABC would segue into another question.  The article is, after all, about Dick Cheney.

But that’s just not how ABC reports the “news.”   Not anymore, anyway.  Agenda first, news second.  There was an opportunity to bash Palin, and Saul Alinksy would agree that you  never EVER pass up an opportunity to attack the enemy.  During the Bush years, Dick Cheney was evil incarnate.   Sarah Palin is the new Dick Cheney.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll released this week found 71 percent say “no” when asked if Palin is qualified to serve as president. Among Republicans polled, approximately 52 percent think she’s not qualified to be commander in chief.

That would be pretty damning if Obama had not been elected President.  A MSNBC poll taken during the 2008 campaign showed that 55 percent believed that Obama would be the riskier choice for the presidency.  Funny how that little factoid didn’t get much air play.

The establishment media’s selective concern over the experience of presidential candidates lays bare the fraud of objective journalism.  ABC News editorializes as it reports, so every article is an opinion piece.  But ABC is not alone in this regard.  CNN, CBS, and MSNBC all do it to a greater or lesser degree.  And we all suffer for want of the Truth.

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