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Rachel Maddow: Ending the Filibuster Will Determine Whether this Country is Capable of Greatness Anymore

Posted on February 13 2010 7:22 pm
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Rachel Maddow referred to the filibuster as “the key to everything” in an overly dramatic diatribe on her unpopular MSNBC program last night. She went on to say,

This thing is so important it eclipses every cycle of who’s winning and who’s losing right now in politics…this is about whether this country is capable of greatness anymore.

Channeling her best Keith Obermann (not a difficult task for Ms. Maddow it would seem) Maddow actually attempts to convince us that it is only because the world filibuster is so boring that we retain such an arcane practice. Ms. Maddow then cut to clips of President Obama complaining about the filibuster and Thomas Friedman opining that a “top down” approach to Government is necessary to give us the requisite flexibility in a global economy.

Video of Ms. Maddow’s maudlin monologue bemoaning the vast importance and unprecedented danger of the filibuster can be found here.

Ms. Maddow’s conclusions are odd indeed when you consider that the champion of the Left, Barack Obama, advocated the filibuster to block Bush appointees and to stop legislation allowing telecoms to have immunity regarding FISA records. Oh, by the way, Obama flip-flopped on the telecom bill and voted in favor of telecom immunity, much to the chagrin of his far-Left base.

As mouthpiece for the Left, Ms. Maddow and the entire MSNBC network have apparently decided that they are no longer going to hide their disdain for the American people and the opinions of the great unwashed masses. Now, all bets are off and the progressive agenda should be rammed through Congress without regard to consideration of the minority Party or the clear opinions of the American people.

Sometimes saying no is precisely the approach that is called for to protect the nation from a Party that misinterprets election results so dramatically that it seeks to ram through an agenda that is vastly at odds with the wishes of the American people.

If the agenda of the majority Party is detrimental to the nation, the filibuster is indeed the “key to everything” as Ms. Maddow suggests. In this scenario, the filibuster becomes the key to stopping a tone deaf Congress from passing legislation that the American people neither intended nor desire.

If the majority could not enact their agenda while they had a filibuster proof super majority, why should Americans sit back and allow them to change the rules of the road so that they can enact that agenda after voters have clearly decided that they oppose such legislation?

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