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Gay Marriage—A Fundraising Issue for the Christian Right

Posted on February 13 2010 11:40 am
David Forsmark is the owner and president of Winning Strategies, a full service political consulting firm in Michigan. David has been a regular columnist for Frontpage Magazine since 2006. For 20 years before that, he wrote book, movie and concert reviews as a stringer for the Flint Journal, a midsize daily newspaper.
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Calvin Freiburger has done yeoman’s work in in holding Focus on the Family’s feet to the fire on their failure to disavow the statements of a spokesman who advocated the criminalizing of homosexuality during a discussion of “gay marriage.”

But merely this exposes something I have thought for a long time: Groups like Focus on the Family or the American Family Association are not as interested in “defending marriage,” as they are in fundraising, when it comes to the issue of “defending marriage.”

And with the people they are trying to raise money from, “gay marriage” has a “yuck” factor.

The real threat to marriage in America is no-fault divorce.

It’s worth noting that Bob Barr, the author of the original “Defense of Marriage Act” in Congress was on his 3rd marriage at the time.

“Pro-Family” groups like to use the message sent to kids as the reason for many of their actions. The “homosexual agenda” is a big fundraising tool. And while I support efforts to keep homosexual advocacy out of the public school classroom, I rather doubt the whole “recruitment” potential of such propaganda.

Think back to when you were a teenager, hormones a-ragin’ sitting in class. Some social engineer comes in with two messages:

• Hey, kids, look around the classroom. You have the right to date, or grow up and marry someone in this room who’s of the same sex you are–

• Or, hey kids, as soon as you can support yourself, marry the person of the opposite sex who turns you on the most. If it wears off, no problem, just get a quick divorce and marry the next person who turns you on.

Which message is most likely to appeal to more than about 2% of the class—and therefore have a destructive effect on society?

But on the topic of marriage in the fundraising letters of “pro-family” groups, I will wager that at least 95% of them focus on the topic of “gay marriage” rather than restoring contractual sanity to the marriage license.

Of course, probably a quarter to a third of the people they are trying to raise money from have been divorced and remarried; while roughly… none… are involved with a homosexual “marriage” or “civil union.”

And even when these groups DID make a stab at beating back no-fault divorce with things like giving the option of “covenant marriage,” or requiring pre-marital counseling for a marriage license, they still focused on the wrong thing—the couple.

The state has one—and only one—real interest in marriage. Fixing responsibility for the healthy raising of children and, eventually, the orderly passing of assets to the spouse and offspring.

I actually agree that “gay marriage” would be a last straw of sorts to the traditional concept of marriage; but it is not the foundational problem.

The real problem, as Maggie Gallagher has written, is that with “no-fault marriage,” marriage in America has become little more than a notarized extended date. Once society accepts that paradigm, “Gay marriage” is merely the logical next step.

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