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Is Communist Van Jones Making A Comeback?

Posted on February 12 2010 4:25 pm
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After being unceremoniously booted from the Obama White House last year, is self-described communist Van Jones angling to get back into the public spotlight?

It certainly looks like the former green jobs czar wants back in the political game.

Jones is just one of the many radicals to come out of California, Glenn Beck observed on his TV show which this past week has been broadcast from the Left Coast.

You have the Panthers were formed here. Nancy Pelosi is here. A lot of really dangerous people in the state as volatile as this one and it is on the edge.

Jones, Beck notes, “was hanging out with cop killers. He was a 9/11 Truther. I told you he can’t be just — he can’t scurry under the refrigerator like a cockroach after the lights are turned out. You have to hold him responsible because he’ll resurface again.”

And resurface he will. He is scheduled to speak alongside Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) next month in New York and he is a fellow at the leftist Center for American Progress.

For a time, Jones had been politically radioactive to Democrats but Gillibrand’s decision to work alongside him appears to bring Jones’s political exile to an end. Gillibrand, who had a reputation as a moderate Democrat before entering the U.S. Senate, has been steadily tacking to the left since being appointed to replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so it’s no surprise that she is cozying up to her party’s radical left-wing. Gillibrand was one of only seven senators who voted against de-funding the radical leftist group ACORN known for its decades of involvement in election fraud.

Appearing on the show, our own David Horowitz dsecribed Jones as a

neo- communist. You know, we have neo-conservatives, neo-fascists, but somehow, we don’t have neo-communists. These are people who have the same vision that communists — I grew up, of course, in a communist community. My parents were communists.

Added Horowitz,

the old communists are revived by this progressive movement. It is a movement and it’s a culture. You know, the Rosenbergs are still innocent… Richard Nixon is still the enemy. [Sen. Joseph] McCarthy did not actually expose people who were working for the Soviet Union — which he did.

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