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A Painfully Ironic Tweet: Boehlert Underestimates Self-Focus of the Prez

Posted on February 12 2010 4:37 pm
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It didn’t take long for the irony on twitter to get lip-smacking good today.  Media Matters and notorious leftist Eric Boehlert tweeted this gem:

“Palin sure says “I” and “me” lot. Dontcha think Fox News? “

Oh c’mon.  Seriously.   Does anyone reference themselves MORE than Barack Obama?   I lost track of  the number of times the Prez had used the first person pronoun after he passed 90 (yeah, ninety!) in the first 70 minutes of the SOTU.

And while Mr. Boehlert maintains that turnabout is fair play, probably best not to throw narcissism stones when the leader of the free world needs to refer to himself personally once a minute…once every single minute!

The fundamental difference of course is that Ms. Palin isn’t even actively campaigning,  while Mr. Obama seems to be single-handedly charting our course (such as it is).

May wanna cut the lady a little slack boys…whenever the Prez opens his mouth on any topic at any time, you can bet that the “I”‘s have it.

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