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Tomorrow Belongs to Meghan – Just Ask Her

Posted on February 11 2010 9:15 am
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The two and only Meghan McCain made an appearance on The View February 8 dispensing that particular combination of Valley Girl wisdom and white-flag political insight that has so endeared her to Liberals and “Moderate” Republicans alike. She is a valuable tool (we can examine the full implications of that term another time) of the Left in the same way John Kerry was – with the possible exception that Kerry married fame and fortune as opposed to inheriting it, and Kerry, for all his failings, seems capable of constructing a coherent sentence.

Like Kerry in his “we’re all baby-killer” days, the Left can point to McCain approvingly and say “See, one of theirs agrees with us!” It doesn’t matter that the objects of their adoration are peddlers of wholesale fiction and, in at least one case, cannot point to five consecutive minutes spent in a sensible manner (as Mr. Bennett might have put it), as long as they faithfully recite the Liberal catechism.

And recite it she does. Tom Tancredo’s Tea Party Convention call for basic literacy among voters was racist, Sarah Palin is so stupid … yata yata yata.

But take heart, Meghan is much smarter than all those over-24 dinosaurs and will, with the help of people like her, lead the Republican Party out of the wilderness. (Why am I getting flashbacks of The Blair Witch Project? Oh nevermind.)

She stops short of hopping up on a podium and singing “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” – presumably due to a costuming conflict – but her earnestness shines through nonetheless. Those curmudgeons among us, for whom the prospect of  Meghan McCain leading anybody anywhere opens up new vistas of horror, will have to step down so she can step up I guess.

McCain, who is clearly enjoying the bonhomie attendant with telling the Left what it wants to hear, might want to consult with her dad about what happens if a) she ever goes off script or b) she ceases to be of use to them. (Why am I getting flashbacks of The Blair Witch Project? Oh nevermind.)

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