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The Iranian People Are Not Down For the Count

Posted on February 11 2010 3:32 pm
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If you read the media accounts, the Green Revolution is over and the Iranian regime has won. Time Magazine asks, “Where was the opposition?” The Daily Mail in the U.K. quotes one protestor as declaring the day a victory for the regime because only hundreds of demonstrators assembled against thousands of regime supporters.

The regime has shut down GMail and is creating a national e-mail service to allow them to better control the flow of information. According to unconfirmed reports, the Russians and Chinese have been advising the regime on how to control the discontent. And yes, in Tehran, the regime used unprecedented efforts to prevent the crowd from combining into one central mass that could deliver a fatal blow to the regime on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. But that doesn’t mean the Green Revolution is over or that the opposition has dissipated.

One Iranian contact of mine says that the Defense Ministry is giving meat, chicken and rice to those that attended the pro-regime rally and sent me this video below to validate his claim:

The regime mobilized massive amounts of security forces and government workers not only to prevent the demonstrators from linking up but also to mobilize them for the pro-regime rally. By and large, the people that participated in the pro-regime rally are actually a part of the regime itself and were rewarded for their attendance.

And not all reports indicate that there is little or no opposition. Protests are happening outside of the Azadi Square area of Tehran and outside the city where security is more lax. This analysis says that there are signs that the Basiji is actually weaker than it appears, and that much of the security forces during the latest protests during Ashura had to be imported into Tehran from around the country. This means the regime’s resources are tapped and over-extended.

The Wall Street Journal has some hopeful video, photos and reports here showing that the opposition is not as silent as it may appear. Mousavi and Karroubi have been attacked as they tried to join the crowds. Mousavi’s wife was also injured. Planet-Iran has some excellent live-blogging, reporting that the regime is using Chinese water cannons to disperse the crowds and that PA systems and loudspeakers set up and guarded by the regime have been disabled by the people. And of course, my own site,, is also giving updates on the situation as my own Iranian contacts provide them. Motorcycles and helmets used by the regime are being set on fire, so the clashes are fiercer in some areas than are being reported. Detailed accounts and video continue to flood in and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with it.

Bottom line: The opposition is alive and active and they deserve our full support.

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