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Max Blumenthal: Only Stupid, Racist People Oppose Obama

Posted on February 11 2010 8:30 am
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As left-wing character assassin Max Blumenthal sees it, anyone who dares to oppose President Obama’s radical socialist agenda is a racist idiot.

This thread runs through much of the make-believe journalist’s work.

Take a look at a video, “The Unauthorized 9.12 Teabagger Tour,” (screen grab from the video is above) that he made of the 9/12 tea party movement rally last September outside the United States Capitol.

An opening title reads, “Lifestyles of the White & Suggestible.” The implication is that only simple-minded gullible white people support the tea party movement.

Blumenthal interviews a parade of Caucasian rally attendees. Some seem reasonable but most seem kooky. This is deliberate on Blumenthal’s part. He knows that all political movements –whether left or right—attract people with eccentric views, but he doesn’t care about the whole truth. He’s only interested in presenting evidence that supports his narrative. Showcasing the looniest of attendees creates the impression that the crowd was filled with psychiatric hospital escapees. It’s an old propaganda trick.

But note that Blumenthal doesn’t show the man singing a version of “New York, New York” with lyrics modified for the tea party event.

I wonder why.

Singer Lloyd Marcus supports the tea party movement. (undated photo)

Could it be because the singer, Lloyd Marcus, is a black man? Showing a black man  –and an outspoken conservative at that– supporting the tea party movement undermines Blumenthal’s thesis.

Leftists like Max Blumenthal don’t like throwing a spotlight on African-Americans who defy the progressive movement. They consider them to be “uppity” ingrates who should just shut up, learn their place, and be grateful for whatever the welfare state gives them. When Blumenthal and his ilk do profile black conservatives, they never get a fair shake. Just look at the way Blumenthal’s treated Project 21 and RNC chairman Michael Steele.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that if the Pulitzer Prize were awarded for fiction, Blumenthal might have a shot at getting one.

I have already detailed on this blog and on some of the many fabrications that may be found in propagandist Blumenthal’s work.

And as satisfying as it may be to have and Columbia Journalism Review agreeing with me, there remains much work to be done. This is because Blumenthal’s malicious cry of racism in the James O’Keefe III saga is just the tip of the iceberg.

Quite apart from the now-infamous anti-O’Keefe screed that ran in Salon, Blumenthal’s work is ordinarily chock full of lies, errors, conjectures, and innuendoes. That’s the way he rolls.

Fact-checking Blumenthal, whose work may be compared to that of other proven serial liars of the left such as David Brock, Jayson Blair, and Stephen Glass, could easily turn into a full-time job.

Incidentally, Brock’s own left-wing smear factory, the George Soros-led Media Matters for America, has been strangely silent about Blumenthal’s possibly career-ending self-inflicted wounds. Is this because Brock and his staff of professional liars are holding their tongues to protect Blumenthal, who is one of their research fellows according to his official bio at the Nation’s website? The Media Matters website contains contributions by Blumenthal and numerous instances in which he is quoted approvingly by other staffers.

Just like Blumenthal, Media Matters has no integrity.

Note: David Horowitz has also detailed Blumenthal’s lies.

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