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Geller: The U.S. Government: Willfully Blind to the Jihad

Posted on February 11 2010 1:04 am
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Cross-posted at JihadWatch

Over at Big Government, Pamela Geller discusses the U.S. government’s willful blindness to the jihad:

They knew. Two years before the Fort Hood jihad massacre, the Army knew of jihadis in its ranks — and did nothing.Investigative reporter Bill Gertz has revealed: “Almost two years before the deadly Fort Hood shooting by a radicalized Muslim officer, the U.S. Army was explicitly warned that jihadism — Islamic holy war — was a serious problem and threat to personnel in the U.S., according to participants at a major Army-sponsored conference.”

Over 350 Army officials involved in counterterror efforts attended this February 2008 conference. One of the speakers, Lt. Colonel Joseph Myers, explains the topic of his lecture: “I noted that because of our lack of understanding of Islamic doctrines, Islamic Jihad and my view that our counterintelligence function is broken, outdated and being usurped in some cases by public affairs and equal opportunity officials, we were going to get soldiers killed in America, on our own bases for that professional ignorance.”

And that’s just what happened at Fort Hood.

What makes this so profoundly disturbing is that it shows that senior level officials knew. They were explicitly warned that jihadism — Islamic holy war — was a serious problem and a threat to military personnel and civilians alike. And still they did nothing. Not only did they do nothing, but they left known jihadis like Nidal Hasan, who murdered thirteen Americans at Fort Hood in his jihad attack of November 2009, in place and unsupervised.

They knew. And still they sacrificed Americans. […]

This is surrender. And it isn’t limited just to the Fort Hood report. Did you know in the FBI’s Counter-Terrorism Manual, the word jihad is not to be found? Not once.

This is no accident. This is happening because for decades the Muslim Brotherhood (i.e., the Muslim American Society, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America, the Islamic Circle of North America, etc.), has infiltrated every agency and institution at the highest levels, and they control what is said and how it can be said.

Islam has achieved absolute intellectual dominance. The Muslim Brotherhood groups in the United States control the narrative. They control information and how it is processed at senior levels of the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, and the various branches of the military.

And so they knew about the jihadis in the ranks, and did nothing. Will the thirteen dead at Fort Hood move the American people to rise up and demand an end to the Muslim Brotherhood influence in our government? If that happens, they will not have died in vain.

If you’re skeptical about the charge that Muslim Brotherhood groups “control information and how it is processed at senior levels of the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, and the various branches of the military,” as you may be, since the relentless smear artist and libelblogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has renewed his defamation campaign in connection with this piece, watch this video (and here is part two). They show a former Defense Department official and a former FBI agent blowing the whistle on the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of our government at the highest levels, and the Brotherhood’s immense control over counterterror efforts. Transcript here.

Does Charles Johnson know that there isn’t severe Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the government? Of course not. He doesn’t have a clue, and he ignores evidence such as is presented in the videos linked above. And so when he turns out to be wrong, he will bear a heavy responsibility for having misled his witless sycophants about the magnitude of the threat we were facing. But by then perhaps most of them will have awakened to the spectacular foolishness of following this tinhorn cult leader in the first place.

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