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Where are the snows of yesteryear?

Posted on February 10 2010 1:35 pm
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Media Matters (a.k.a. The George Soros Steno Pool) is pretending to be mad at Rush Limbaugh again, this time because Rush mocked “global warming” on his show yesterday.

Media Matters sputters:

First up for the latest proof that global warming was nothing but a “hoax”: more snow is headed for Washington, D.C. Rush delighted that this came at the same time the Obama administration was about to set up a climate agency to monitor global warming. And the claim that record snowfall refutes global warming? Old, tired, false. But hey, it’s The Rush Limbaugh Show!

Then Media Matters cites its favorite “experts” to explain why Rush’s jibes are “old, tired, false”:

…the Goddard Institute for Space Studies found that 2009 year-to-date global temperature ranks fifth warmest out of 130 years. The BBC also reported on November 24 that “[t]his year will be one of the top five warmest years globally since records began 150 years ago, according to figures compiled by the Met Office.”

Ooops. Besides the fact that this is 2010, not 2009, Media Matters might want to “consider their sources.”

Seems the Goddard Institute of Space Studies‘ research into “global warming” might be based largely upon, er, “invisible thermometers.”

This doesn’t sound good, either:

Today, on behalf of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, I filed three Notices of Intent to File Suit against NASA and its Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), for those bodies’ refusal — for nearly three years — to provide documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act.


Buffeted by complaints about its inaccurate weather forecasts, the Met Office now faces being dumped by the BBC after almost 90 years.

But hey, we’ll always have world renowned meteorologist Media Matters favorite Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as a global warming “expert” we can turn too, right? Why, it was just last year when he wrote:

In Virginia, the weather also has changed dramatically. Recently arrived residents in the northern suburbs, accustomed to today’s anemic winters, might find it astonishing to learn that there were once ski runs on Ballantrae Hill in McLean, with a rope tow and local ski club. Snow is so scarce today that most Virginia children probably don’t own a sled. But neighbors came to our home at Hickory Hill nearly every winter weekend to ride saucers and Flexible Flyers.

With “business” in the Capitol brought to a halt following a record-breaking blizzard, Kennedy’s Jean Shepherd rip off pean to the snows of yesteryear came in for widespread mockery. Yesterday, he fired back. And missed, huffing at one reporter:

“Idiots on the right like Rush [Limbaugh] like to point to any cold-weather anomalies as proof that global warming doesn’t exist.”

Which is… just what you did to make your point, Mr. Kennedy. So who’s the real idiot?

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