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Posted on February 10 2010 8:30 am
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A writer some accuse of inciting the left-wing blogosphere with such vicious lies that he almost torpedoed “The Path to 9/11,” a TV movie that explored Bill Clinton‘s failure to take Al Qaeda seriously, has been slapped down by the liberal Columbia Journalism Review.

The writer is Max Blumenthal, a soulless ultra-leftist propagandist who labors under the misapprehension that he is a journalist.

Frequently called a self-hating Jew by his critics, Blumenthal hates Israel with a passion. He argues that religious right extremists have taken over the Republican Party and are pushing it to the brink of extinction. Yes, he’s referring to that Republican Party, you know, the one that would crush Democrats if a national election were held today.

Lacking actual evidence, Blumenthal twists current events in an effort to make them fit his narrative. As he sees it, the religious right is behind all that is evil in America, tricking the nation into rejecting same-sex marriage and so on.

But not all liberals can be duped by this young fabulist.

The CJR hit Blumenthal for smearing ACORN hidden camera videographer James O’Keefe III as a racist in a article. Even after CJR confronted Blumenthal he continued to lie. “The story is accurately sourced, and I stand by it,” Blumenthal said.

Not anymore.

After Salon realized it had been had by a professional left-wing hit man, it published corrections of not one, not two, but three factual errors in the article. Oh my.

Unashamed, Blumenthal then offered a passive-aggressive non-response to my recent critique of his work at his website today in an entry titled, “Thanks, Matthew Vadum.”

True to form, instead of doing actual legwork and gathering facts, Blumenthal just makes things up, asserting falsely that I am paid by Andrew Breitbart for my occasional contributions to his and websites. As much as I adore money I am not a paid contributor to any Breitbart sites. :(

Incidentally, Blumenthal also made up another fact in his Salon piece. He wrote that Breitbart hired O’Keefe “to carry out the ACORN operation that would make him famous.” It’s a fabrication as I explain in my critique.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for corrections.

Perhaps Blumenthal’s just steamed that unlike yours truly he’s not interesting enough to have been invited on the left-leaning fake news program “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Even Jon Stewart, after all, has standards.

Maybe Stewart’s aware that Blumenthal frequently makes a fool of himself in public.

In one of his agitprop adventures captured on video, Blumenthal mocked conservative pundit Ann Coulter for having “three broken engagements.” At a Conservative Political Action Conference, he asked, “Ann, I appreciate your defense of marriage in your latest book, and as a proponent of the sanctity of marriage, can you explain why you’ve had three broken engagements and never been married?”

After Coulter quite properly refused to answer his obnoxious personal question, he followed up with, “It’s kind of like do as I say but not as I do.”

Well, no, actually it isn’t.

Blumenthal didn’t seem to understand what marriage actually entails. A person would have had to have been in a marriage (or committed adultery) in order to have violated its “sanctity.” Marriage is, after all, a choice. This is pretty basic stuff yet Blumenthal doesn’t get it.

Unfortunately for Max he did not inherit the brains of his father, the legendary character assassin Sidney Blumenthal. The younger Blumenthal probably owes much if not all of his professional success to his surname.

Editor’s Note: For David Horowitz’s take on Max click here.

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