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New York Magazine Columnist Says Elite Must Rule

Posted on February 9 2010 10:17 am
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Author Kurt Andersen came out swinging this week in New York Magazine against democracy in action!  He hates the Tea Party Movement in particular.

Andersen, a novelist who at one time was New York Magazine’s chief editor, prefers when “a calm club of like-minded wise men (and women) in Washington” is calling the shots, not the people.

Andersen agrees with Elitist-in-Chief President Barack Obama who believes the opponents of his far-left policies should just sit down and shut up. Andersen liked the good old days when:

the elite media really did control the national political discourse…Until fifteen years ago, presidents and congressional leaders could pretty well manage the policy conversations

You see,  elitists  such as Andersen just cannot stand hearing from all us ‘little people.’  We should just count our lucky stars that we have elitists like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Klein and Andersen himself to lead us  toward economic bankruptcy, government take-over of health care, and constitutional rights for terrorists.

After writing that the Tea Party Movement has “all of populism’s worst historical features,” Andersen showed his true condescending side towards the people.  “Washington grown-ups,” he says, should:

throw them a few bones to calm them down, and then make deals with your fellow members of the elected elite

I guess he had in mind those backdoor deals we witnessed on the healthcare legislation – Mary Landreau’s Louisiana Purchase, Ben Nelson’s Cornhusker Kickback, and the unions’ special tax exemption.

Andersen claims that the Founding Fathers set up our constitutional system of government to ensure that it was “run by an American elite like themselves.”  How convenient that he cites the Founding Fathers when it suits his own elitist pretensions but disregards the model of limited government that the Founding Fathers actually wrote into the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers rejected centralized rule from Washington.  They believed that liberty depended on limited government and de-centralized power. The Tea Party Movement espouses principles, based on limited government, low taxes and fiscal responsibility, which are far closer to the Founding Fathers’ vision for America than what Andersen and his elitist pals have been trying to sell us.

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