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Hillbuzz Provides Insider’s Guide to Defeating Democrat Machine

Posted on February 8 2010 2:30 pm
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Normal, sane Democrats want their party back. They are tired of electing moderates who turn out to be socialists.  They want quality candidates who will do what is best for America and they know that in order to get them elected they will need to defeat the corrupt Democrat machine, something they understand in a way that we on the right we never will.

They are going to need a lot of armchair tea partiers. A few more Matthew Vadums might also be a good idea.

For those who are unfamiliar with the gentlemen of Hillbuzz, they are Democrats from Chicago who worked on the Hillary campaign, helped launch the PUMA movement, and were and continue to be horribly defamed and persecuted by radicals on the left (mainly the Nutroots). They are the modern equivalent of Reagan Democrats. They recognize that their party is now dominated by a Tiny Minority of Extremists and they want them voted out, starting with a handful of incumbents who they feel have betrayed the American people (not just their party).

Surely many on the Right can see this as a noble endeavor. The Hillbuzz boyz are a radical progressive’s and a fake Blue Dog‘s worst nightmare.  They understand Chicago politics and the inner workings of the Democrat party.  They know how to defeat them.  Their plan is not perfect, nor is it likely to be sufficient in and of itself, but it is doable and, if executed well enough, it just might work. So set your ideological purity aside and read on:

Keep your eyes peeled for the current president’s repeated call to DNC donors to pony up more cash.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: the reason these donors give to the DNC is not because they actually believe in what the DNC is doing. They give money because they want things, and most of what they want is pictures of them with famous people to hang on their walls at home, or in their offices. Whenever we do special events here in Chicago, the houses we go to are filled with snapshots of the owners with every Democrat imaginable over the last 20 years. 95% of these pictures are taken at $1,000 a person photo-op meet and greets. Those political evenings feature weak drinks and room temperature cheese. Occasionally, here in Chicago, there are hot waiters in little tuxes, passing mediocre spinach puffs. If you are lucky.

We think something unprecedented could be mounted by the coalition of moderates, independents, and conservatives that comes here to HillBuzz, using our own fundraising background and knowledge of this scene, to drive a temporary wedge between Democrats and their donors.

It worked in 1980 and it can work again.

We’ve organized these fundraisers before. We know how quickly panic mode sets in. If you are running a meet and greet for 300 people, and it’s two weeks out and you have not booked 200 for the event, then national gets on your case in a big way. If it’s a few days out, and you are not oversold, man alive, you are in trouble.

Very few of the people who attend these events want it know they are attending them. They’re there for the pictures, only, not so much the cause. So, using FEC records to identify the top donors to the 60 Democrats in the Senate currently, then organizing letter writing, email, and telephone campaigns to ask these top donors, politely, to stop donating to these Democrats will severely curb DNC fundraising efforts in 2010.

Then Obama will have to campaign harder for candidates, only to see them lose like the Colts and everyone else who gets his endorsement.

What you need to understand is that these big donors bring many smaller donors to the parties with them. If Mrs. Smith isn’t coming, neither are her assistants, or their friends, or all the people who want to usurp Mrs. Smith some day as the grand dame of the Chicago fundraising scene.

Who are these people? They sound like Cruella DeVille’s handlers.

Now, our goal is to make a dent in their fundraising. We know we won’t ever take down their machines completely. But, we guarantee a dent will be noticed by national. If people who operate in shadows and attend these events just to get pictures on their walls suddenly start getting a thousand letters a week telling them to stop supporting Liberals, these people will stop going to these events, we guarantee. And that will cause panic in Senate offices…and that panic will be telegraphed to the DNC…and all Hell will break loose all over the place.

Who’s ready to see Howard Dean‘s head explode?

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