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LAST CALL for Sunday, Feb. 7

Posted on February 7 2010 9:18 pm
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Pre-Game Presidential Propaganda

I didn’t watch Super Bowl XLIV today. The New England Patriots (my team) weren’t playing, so I avoided Katie Couric’s pre-game back-and-forth with President Barack Obama. No doubt it provided a good look at the best that state-run media has to offer. NRB writer Liz Blaine took one for the team and watched Couric play her own kind of game, throwing only soft balls to our fearless leader. In her post today, Blaine writes that Obama “inadvertently admitted he has not listened to Republican healthcare ideas.”

Filed Under “L” for Liberal Wackjobs

Brought to our attention by David Horowitz, an article in today’s Washington Post asks Why are liberals so condescending? My guess – inferiority complex drives them to demean all others in order to feel better about themselves. But I’m not a shrink – I could be wrong about that.

Where are Dutch people from, Joey? asks Chandler Bing

“Well, uh, the Pennsylvania Dutch are from Pennsylvania,” answers Joey Tribbiani. Great episode of Friends. Anyway – today, NRB blogger and actual Dutchman Michael van der Galien writes from the Netherlands about the leader of the country’s newly founded Islam Democrats political party, Dilaver Delikaya – revealing the violent nature of the party leader’s young children. A disturbing read with even more disturbing photos.

Mainstream Media – “You suck”

Leave it to brash conservative writer Andrew Breitbart to speak his mind – sans filter.

To tighty are the whities?

Today from Reuters — President Barack Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, is really angry and he isn’t gonna take it anymore! Damn Republicans are playing political games with national security, he says (in incoherent strings of babbling bad grammar).

This Week in Crazy…

From – AIG leadership attempted recently to exhibit a collective conscience, experiencing the same degree of success with which they brought our economy to its knees. After the fury that followed last year’s exorbitant executive bonuses totaling $165 million, the head honchos at AIG are doing right by the American taxpayer this year. That’s right – they’re only paying out $100 million in bonuses.  Such compassion, such self-sacrifice. (Single tear running down left cheek.)

If NY Gov. Paterson Resigns…

I’ll turn in my SUV for a fuel-efficient hybrid and quit smoking. Lucky for me, New York Governor David Paterson is prone to irrational arrogance. So, my bet is I’ll be hanging on to my Jeep and pack of smokes. But the rumors persist – from Business Insider.

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